Asked on Mar 08, 2016

How to remove chalk paint

by Sandra
Good morning!
First of all, let me admit that I am not really familiar with chalk paint. Although several places where I live have started to sell chalk paint, no one has actually used it. I realize that Chalk Paint has become very popular and that most blogs make the process of using chalk paint appear to be very easy ....... just "slap" some chalk paint on and "voila!!" you have a beautiful piece of furniture. However, not all projects turn out. I'm seeing a number of pieces of furniture in thrift stores that have been slathered/coated/drenched in chalk paint. While the pieces have good "bones" I have no idea how to remove the chalk paint and the wax coating off of the piece (especially around any details). So ........ is there a way to remove chalk paint BEFORE it's waxed and can chalk paint be removed AFTER it's waxed?
Thank you for any info.
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  • Shari Shari on Mar 08, 2016
    On a HomeTalk post from a couple years ago, a member was saying she had painted her kitchen cabinets with chalk paint and hated the results so she was looking for info on how to strip the chalk paint and wax off, especially in the recessed crevices of the cabinet doors that would be difficult to sand. There were lots of suggestions but here's the update she posted: "I actually used Awesome spray that I bought at the Dollar Store. I sprayed it on thick and heavy and used steel wool. The Awesome spray made the chalk paint go liquidy and it just wiped off. It was messy, it was time consuming, but it turned out great! The cabinets were in nearly the same condition I started with once all the paint was washed off." Here's the actual link to the post if you want to read through all the comments: I'm not a chalk paint fan either. There were a couple furniture pieces I started in chalk paint but then after a couple coats, I just switched over to latex paint with no ill-effects. So, if you do happen to find pieces that you're sure haven't been waxed, you can just repaint.
    Stripping off A LOT of chalk paint
    • Linda Crabb Linda Crabb on Apr 20, 2018

      I just like real wood NO paint. was looking for a way to remove chalk paint. And the wax junk

  • Charlotte Eakin Charlotte Eakin on Mar 08, 2016
    I was a professional painter for many years. Your best option is to get some paint stripper, available at Home Depot or Lowe's, you'll also want a gallon of denatured alcohol. Cover your work area, and place the piece in the center, pour the stripper in a pan and use an old paint brush to brush on the stripper, be generous and one good tip is to NOT over work the stripper, put in on heavy and leave it to do its job. Let it soak for a minimum of 10-15 minutes and try a test area by using a putty knife and an old toothbrush to remove the stripper. DO NOT put the used stripper back in with the good, it has done its job and should be trashed. You may need to do this twice or more, depending on the depth and detail of the paint. After you remove all of the paint and residue, you can use steel wool and your toothbrush dipped in the denatured alcohol to wash the residue off the piece, allow all to dry and sand lightly to finish. Now you are free to finish in any manner. Wear good rubber gloves! Good Luck!
  • Somewhat Quirky Somewhat Quirky on Mar 08, 2016
    If it is "real" chalk paint do it the same way you would any other paint. The homemade chalk paints are a different matter - they are a complete mess to remove. A good reason not to ever use one of the homemade recipes.