How should I paint this child's spring horse?

Linda Lane
by Linda Lane
I have a child's spring horse that I want to paint. Any ideas? The horse is plastic (?) & the frame is metal, very smooth painted surface. Any ideas?
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  • Doc12375291 Doc12375291 on Jan 14, 2017

    Do not touch it with paint until you take it to an antique store, unless it is relatively new.

  • William William on Jan 14, 2017

    A lot of them for sale on Ebay! Sold listings around $50.

  • Lynne Webb Lynne Webb on Jan 14, 2017

    I don't think I'd change a thing about that horse. OMGosh an origional Radio Flyer base with horse with the bouncy springs covered? What a treasure and it's sure to make some child think it's the most beautiful thing in the world. I had 3 kids, very close together and, yes, three bouncy horses. The youngest had one with a childs seat w/sides rather than a saddle. I'd put her in and they'd all three ride off into their sunsets; hair flying back and forth, laughing like crazy. I'd pretend they were racing which added to the screams of laughter.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 15, 2017

    I'm always a fan of spray paint, doesn't get much smoother than that!

  • Karen Rae Lvine Karen Rae Lvine on Jan 15, 2017

    Yes, check the value first if you'd like the money rather than the horse. But oh what fun I would have painting it! I'd use chalk paint to create a carousel horse with colors as bright as the handle bars and include lots of gold highlights. You've inspired me to look on ebay for a rocking or bouncing horse so that I can do that myself. Good luck!

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    • Linda Lane Linda Lane on Jan 18, 2017

      Thank you. This is very helpful. I don't really want to sell it. It has been in the family for a while. But I would like to make it more girly for the twins. You have given me some good info, I think. Thanks again.

  • Tina Cleary Tina Cleary on Jan 15, 2017

    A couple of ideas, (if you dont want to permanently alter it's originality)is take some pink or feminine tape to make a "bridle" on the horse's head. Also, you could use the tape to change the "saddle blanket", to match the bridle.

    Maybe give the horse some eyelashes, too!

  • Pat Pat on Jan 15, 2017

    When my son out grew his horse, his daddy took off the bouncy platform and made an outdoor swing with the horse part. We owned a lake resort at the time and all the little tots wanted to ride the horsey swing. Good luck with painting yours...I am sure it can be done.

  • ROBIN ROBIN on Jan 16, 2017

    I once made one into a carousel horse with paint pens in pastels, a cream base, and then used a curtain rod with a final to mount onto a eight-sided box as a stand. I embellished with ribbons and dried roses. It was perfect for a little girl. I painted the base in matching pastels, as well as painting the pole in cream. Lots of ribbons fluttered from the pole top (tied to the final). I liked it so much that I kept it for a bit before I gave it away.

  • Karen Rae Lvine Karen Rae Lvine on Jan 17, 2017

    That sounds wonderful! Paint pens are a great idea.

  • Mfbandit769 Mfbandit769 on Jan 17, 2017

    Why do you want to paint it? Doesn't your kid like it??

  • Elaine Elaine on Jan 17, 2017

    i'm not sure why you want to paint it. If you have young boys, I'd leave it as is OR if your children are older, I'd still leave it as is for any future grandchildren! However, if you really want to change it, I have seen them changed up in a similar fashion to what Robin of Crossville, TN is describing. Or lastly, if you have young daughters, I've seen them beautifully transformed with "decorative" or tole painting. For examples, look at the work of the talented Ross Stallcup and Priscilla Hauser!! Gorgeous!!

  • Linda Lane Linda Lane on Jan 17, 2017

    I have twin great granddaughters who will be 2 soon. I want to make it more feminine looking.

  • Rosemary Rosemary on Jan 18, 2017

    Leave it alone

  • Bkn7927269 Bkn7927269 on Jan 19, 2017

    Do not paint and clean very carefully, these are antiques.

  • Mfbandit769 Mfbandit769 on Jan 19, 2017

    Rosemary and Bknoland are correct. If this is indeed a valuable antique, I would NOT paint it. The value and originality will be pretty much ZERO. However, if you just want to paint it for the heck of it...go ahead.

  • Joyce Casey Joyce Casey on Jan 19, 2017

    do it like a paint horse! They are light (white) base with spots! Google paint horse for ideas!

  • Jonella Jonella on May 18, 2017

    Bright, neutral colors are always a good idea. However, the name Flyer goes back to about 1940s or before. An antique dealer would know the value of the rocking horse.

  • C Crow C Crow on Apr 22, 2018

    Hi, Linda. Wondering what you finally did with the bounce horse. Am in process of redoing one now (was on side of road with "free" sign so I don't feel the least bit guilty repainting it). If you have any suggestions or hints or a photo of your refinished horse I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

  • Dana Walker Dana Walker on Jul 22, 2018

    Yes, pointers pleas. I just got an older one given to me and the paint is flaking off everywhere.

  • Rhonda Rhonda on Sep 18, 2019

    I have one I’m trying to do for my grandson. Found in a junk pile, very bad shape. Horse & frame is still in great shape but needs paint.

    i need to clean & repaint. Any help would be appreciated.