How do I spray paint a bakers rack?

Angela harrison
by Angela harrison
  7 answers
  • Amanda Amanda on Mar 28, 2019

    Hi Angela. First wipe it down and make sure it is clean. Then use newspaper and tape off the top if you don't want that painted. I would use a rustoleum spray paint made for metal and also prime it first. Take it outside and paint it. The can will tell you how far away to spray to prevent drips. Go in even strokes. You can always put on a second coat which i would recommend. After it has dried I would spray on a protective clear coat. Good Luck!

  • Sharon Depatie Sharon Depatie on Mar 28, 2019

    Remove the wooden table top (likely screw nails) & sand down the metal lightly. Wipe down to remove all dust & spray with metal spray paint. Spray the 1st coat on very lightly & let dry well. Spray 2nd coat on thoroughly but not heavily or you’ll have drips. (If drips show, wipe off immediately or sand down again & let dry. Spray again). You can paint the wooden top, sand & restain or keep it as is & remount it to your newly painted rack.

  • Ann Ann on Mar 28, 2019

    all good answers but be sure to buy enough spray cans for your project -and do it on a calm day!!!

  • Megan Megan on Mar 28, 2019

    Great answers! I personally would probably hand paint the wooden slab because it looks large. Blessings on your project!

  • William William on Mar 28, 2019

    Good tips. Clean it, lightly sand to remove any shine. Prime with Rustoleum spray primer. Gray for light color. Red for dark color. Then several light coats of Rusoleum 2X spray paint. Let each coat fully dry. About three to four coats will give you a smooth finish.

  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 29, 2019

    If the spray cans have a lot number, get cans with same lot number.