Asked on Mar 28, 2015

Painting a folding table

I use a number of folding tables at my farmer's market to display produce. I was wondering if I could paint them pretty somehow so I wouldn't have to use table cloths. It has to hold up as well as look good though as I throw produce out there on a bi-weekly basis. Any ideas?
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  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Mar 29, 2015
    Hi! You didn't say if they are metal or plastic, but you can buy spray paint specifically to permanently bond to plastic resin. At any Home Depot, etc. One thing that might be really cool is if you painted the top with chalkboard paint, then chalked out a pattern to identify the fruits and veggies, then seal it with exterior polyurethane. So it would look like a vintage chalkboard but be very durable and functional as a display piece.
  • Theorganicfanatic Theorganicfanatic on Mar 29, 2015
    Thanks so much. It is plastic. I've had trouble with the spray paint coming off of other items but I have not tried sealing them with exterior polyurethane. Will try that.
  • Cindi Harris Cindi Harris on Mar 29, 2015
    Buy the paint that is made for plastic. It is called Fusion from Krylon. But to have a nice looking set up you still need the table cloth to cover up the legg of the table and anything you put under it. Just looks nicer. Have you thought of trying vinyl and when done rolling them onto a a core.
  • Dorothy Collett Dorothy Collett on Mar 29, 2015
    When I was doing Farmer's mkts, I used under the table as additional display / storage for the products above. It was usually to windy for table cloths. To make my product more visable I used a collapsable 3 tiered stepped shelve unit that fit the table. A friend made it for me from 1x2"s and 1x6"s plus the hinges. Bread flats are great also, they are the right size to raise up the back side. They can be packed ready for display and transported stacked. Wishing success with your farmer's market.