Tips to prep for painting? What colors should I paint it?

This house is a mess. We are going to be painting it but I can't find colors I like. What do you think? I suppose I would like to stay with light colors for house. Also what will remove the paint so we can begin. Trying to scrape and it is a real chore. It is just bad all over. Any ideas?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 22, 2015
    Let me start by asking you do you have any plans for re-landscaping the front of the house?Secondly To try to simplify the removal of the paint if you have or can get a power washer it would make the job a lot easier.And next choosing colors is not as difficult as you think. Personally to give the house a pick-me-up, I would paint the door and the trim a nice rustic color and then go lighter on the house.

  • Helene234 Helene234 on Sep 22, 2015
    how lucky are you to have a blank canvas to work with, I would look in magazines and when you see something with colors that are really perfect for you, copy it, the front of my house....stucco is orangy pink pale color, I painted the shutters dark grey, trim white and the door cherry red....hope that helps

  • Sandra Watts Sandra Watts on Sep 22, 2015
    Those are similar to the colors I was looking at. I thought I would choose an off white for the house and a dark green trim at first but now I am not so sure I like that.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 22, 2015
    To going on they have a section on selecting what color paints blend together. If you are going to update do so with updated paint colors.

  • Sandra Watts Sandra Watts on Sep 22, 2015
    That is another question. To remove those bush things or not?

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    • Matt Knupp Matt Knupp on Sep 25, 2015
      If it were mine I would at least go ahead and trim the bushes way back...even if you ended up trimming them too small for your tastes they would eventually grow back out anyway. I would trim them to below the base of the windows. @

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 22, 2015
    Well in my option it would really make the new paint job pop out. Theres next year to plan that procedure out and winters coming which will allow to focus of what you might want to create for the yard. Just an fyi always check to see what zone you are in and also how much daylight you get in the area.

  • Z Z on Sep 23, 2015
    Though I normally hate to see foliage removed, it certainly would make the job of prepping and painting your home easier. A power washer, as Janet suggested, would make the job so much easier. I'm adding a video showing one used. Make sure get/rent one powerful enough. Then video is not adding properly so you might have to copy and paste.

  • Sandra Watts Sandra Watts on Sep 23, 2015
    Yes, tried power washing but it didn't work so well. Maybe not enough pressure.

  • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Sep 23, 2015
    Yes, remove the bushes, start from scratch. You have a very pretty front to work with. A high powered PW will work. Get color swatches from your local hardware & pick your favorite combination, then pop it out with an AMAZING color on the door, a wreath, & new light fixtures! Your hard work will pay off. This really will be pretty. Pls post afterwards?

  • Mir Graham Mir Graham on Sep 23, 2015
    I would take cues from your neighborhood. Drive around and view other homes and see what options out there you tend to lean towards. For painting, the most important key to a good paint job is prep. Power wash first, scrap and sand second, screw down loose boards and replace any rotting wood, use primer (paint and primer in one isnt as effective with older homes), then paint your color.

  • Sandra Watts Sandra Watts on Sep 23, 2015

  • Sandra Watts Sandra Watts on Sep 23, 2015
    It is really been a chore. In some places the paint is real thick and in others not so much. Power washing is getting no where. Scraping and sanding is moving slowly. 3 days and not even one side done yet. :(

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    • Mir Graham Mir Graham on Sep 25, 2015
      Prep is the worst... but as every says-- its the most important. Sometimes investing in a sander or in a paint additive that fills areas is worth the extra costs. However, its an older house, so you cant expect all the layers off or for everything to be completely smooth

  • Z Z on Sep 24, 2015
    I thought I'd "paint" your house and front door for you.

  • Sandra Watts Sandra Watts on Sep 24, 2015
    lol, thanks! I will pass on the yellow though.

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    • Z Z on Sep 25, 2015
      @Thank you Matt. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know that. :^)

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Sep 24, 2015
    Love the symetry of the windows. If security is not an issue, I might think about a door which has a window - the current one looks "flat". You might be able to add glass if the door is solid core. Another idea would be to add a wrought iron deco piece or similar.

  • Patricia Patricia on Sep 24, 2015
    The classic color for a small house (and a large one too) - White. White. White!! Add color with beautiful perrennial shrubs/flowers. But if not white do a medium light grey. Love this color too.

  • Patricia Patricia on Sep 24, 2015
    Paint the house then decide on the door.

  • Sandra Watts Sandra Watts on Sep 24, 2015
    I had wrought iron railings. I hope to put up again if I can get repaired where one broke. I think welding would work. Yes I want a window in the door as well.

    • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Sep 26, 2015
      @Sandra Watts If you're changing that door Sandra, the door can make ALL the difference!! Do your homework, choose wisely, & of course don't forget your wreath :) Pinterest me! I have a board I put together of door ideas called...Welcome Mat.

  • Danielle Danielle on Sep 24, 2015
    Sometimes there is just no easy way to prep for painting. If you've already pressure washed then it's the scraper for you, not really a way out of that. A great paint job is all about the prep, though, so while it stinks, don't give up, just plug away till it's done. As for color I think a dusky green with lighter trim and a more vivid door would be fab! I admit to being totally in love with one of the Behr inspiration houses color palette. Here's the link:

  • Darla Darla on Sep 26, 2015
    I would go with a color and white trim. Even a cream color will make the trim stand out. Scraping is a pain, but it's necessary. You can scrape one wall, then prime and paint and do it in sections, one wall at a time. That breaks up the scraping time.

  • Robin Datin Robin Datin on Sep 26, 2015
    Sandra, I took the liberty of looking up your town on and the town website. What a quaint and picturesque village. I was drawn to the logo with the horse heads. Have you considered a light blue with white trim and darker blue door? I would also include that logo if possible, it would look wonderful, you known kinda like the New England signs on houses "established 1876". It isn't a bad idea to have input from a real estate agent regarding popular colors in your area as painting is a huge task and you want to get the biggest bang for your buck should you decide to sell. Good luck!

  • Sandra Watts Sandra Watts on Sep 26, 2015
    Thanks. It is a nice town.

  • Kea Interiors Kea Interiors on Sep 27, 2015
    paint the house a charcoal gray with white trim and a dark yellow door...also make the porch steps white and add a pot with colorful flowers (some yellow flowers included) on each side of the door...trim bushes below the windows :-)

  • MARY MARY on Oct 25, 2015
    What do the neighbors houses look like? What color is your roof?

  • Sandra Watts Sandra Watts on Jan 11, 2016
    Finally chose and just did it.