Wax for chalk paint?

Kristi Chittam
by Kristi Chittam
I have Annie Sloan but since its kind of pricey I bought an Annie Sloan 'alternative' chalk paint on ebay. I like it but not as well. Its more of a latex finish. My question is that I have wax that I rubbed on my other piece to keep the paint from coming off when rubbed but I don't think it will work with this paint. Is there another wax or something that I can paint on to keep the paint from ever coming off? Like a top coat?
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  • Carole Carole on Feb 11, 2015
    What does it say on the tin to use as a finish?? Any clues??
  • Kristi Chittam Kristi Chittam on Feb 11, 2015
    It doesn't say anything :(
  • ...you CAN use something like Minwax, they make a paste wax. It might be ok to use that, I would test first. You could also use a NON YELLOWING poly sealer, if the piece would get heavy use. Just a few suggestions. :) I love the color of your piece here ! And great job on it.
  • LeeAnn Gerleman LeeAnn Gerleman on Feb 11, 2015
    I was reading up on making chalk paint, and one of the articles said you could use a spray polyurethane on it.
  • Jamie Kennemer Jamie Kennemer on Feb 12, 2015
    I use Johnson's Paste wax on all my painted my furniture...You can buy it at Home Dept under $10. It works great! It will darken the paint color a little so you won't want to use it on anything painted white furniture...but otherwise..great! I use a wax brush to apply and wipe off with a rag...buff and buff til pleased. good luck! Love your piece!
  • Kristi Chittam Kristi Chittam on Feb 12, 2015
    Jamie, I have some Johnson Paste Wax that I used on my other piece that was painted with Annie Sloan. Do you think it will work just as well on this knock off version? Otherwise, I may go buy some spray polyurethane like LeAnn said. Thanks everybody!
    • Jamie Kennemer Jamie Kennemer on Feb 15, 2015
      I don't know why it wouldn't. I've painted furniture for 4 years and it's been my go to the whole time. Just make sure if the top has high traffic to let it cure good. If wait at least 2-3wks. It should be fine. Afterwards you can even add poly too. I've done that and it was fine - hope it works great for you .
  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Feb 12, 2015
    One more option: Americana from DecoArt makes a creme wax that you paint on, then buff off. It works pretty much on any surface, has no odor and leaves a buffed shine. You can buy it at Michaels (use the coupon!)
  • Melanie Melanie on Feb 12, 2015
    Years ago....before chalk paint... I used latex paint, distressed the piece of furniture and then used the paste wax. It still looks great 12 years later.
  • I think you could use wax, but for a really durable surface, I LOVE minwax's polycrylic. Hope that helps, @Kristi Chittam !
  • Kristi Chittam Kristi Chittam on Feb 12, 2015
    Katie, do you use the satin or gloss finish?
  • Becky Lawder Becky Lawder on Feb 12, 2015
    Did the alternative not offer a wax product? Also I have used the Minwax paste wax before and it did okay.
  • Joan Joan on Feb 12, 2015
    Best thing to do would be to put some of this paint on a sample board and try out some different finishes on it. Then you can make a decision without ruining the piece you worked so hard on.
  • Kristi Chittam Kristi Chittam on Feb 14, 2015
    Ok, Iused the Johnson Wax and you're still able to scratch/rub off paint. This wouldn't be a huge deal except this is a coffee table and will be used a lot. Is there a clear top coat I could use on it? From what I Understand I would have to strip the table to use the acrylic spray.
  • Jamie Kennemer Jamie Kennemer on Feb 15, 2015
    Kristi you can add a poly on top of that wax. Just make sure it's been buffed really well. Wax has to cure so maybe you've not given it enough time. Could take 21 days to completely cure.
  • Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson on Feb 15, 2015
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