What color would my paint turn out to be if I mixed lavender and black

by Angela
Black and lavender paint would be what color?
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  • Z Z on Sep 15, 2015
    Guessing off the top of my head would be a darker purple depending on how much you mix of the black. I suggest you do some test mixes making sure to right down your ratio for each so you'll know how to make larger quantities. That's the only way to tell for sure.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 15, 2015
    The black is going to take the lavender over. My suggestion if you are aiming for that certain color ask a professional.
  • Hattie Hattie on Sep 15, 2015
    black unless it is a tiny amount of black and a lot of lavender.
  • Theresa Cady Theresa Cady on Sep 16, 2015
    Since black is made by mixing other colors together, the color you get will depend on what particular colors have been used to make your black. I recently was using a dye (for cloth) that was a deep reddish-pink. Imagine my surprise when I spilled some on my hand and ended up with turquoise hands! I would recommend thinning the black with either water or paint thinner, depending on if it is water- or oil-based. Paint that thinned bit over several different surfaces (wood, paper, cloth) to see what other colors show up. If all you get is grey, you might just make your lavender darker. If you find bits of blue, you might end up with a rich violet, if there's brown, you'll probably end up with taupe shades. Best way to find out is to do it!
  • FionaE FionaE on Sep 16, 2015
    I did this last week - I added leftoverwhite to my leftover lavender paint and then a bit of black, to get a nice grey for my dining room. It does still have a purple undertone, but that is to be expected, and is normal for a certain group of greys. I experimented with small amounts first beforehand.
  • Nancy Pence Nancy Pence on Sep 16, 2015
    Black! For sure because black is the predominant color and is too intense to compromise the lavender.
  • Nonni Nonni on Sep 16, 2015
    Black will absorb the color lavender completely. If you are tryin to tint your lavender a deeper color use a color wheel and choose a color nearest your lavender shade and add the adjacent shade in small amounts until you reach the desired shade you like.Good luck. :)
  • Lindy Lindy on Sep 16, 2015
    Buy a bottle of each color at the craft store and experiment. There is no way anyone could accurately predict what color it would be since the amount of black vx. lavendar would vary per person. Mixed together in equal parts? Just black-ish gray.
  • Barbara Barbara on Oct 11, 2016
    "Blavender". Seriously though, it depends on what ratio is used. If you use just enough black to darken the lavender, seems like it would turn Mauve. Pretty. I LOVE Black and Mauve together = "Blauve"