When using chalk paint does it leave a satin finish?

by Judy.augspurger
I want to use some chalk paint since I know I don't have to sand the wood down before I use it. However, I also would like a satin finish. Will I need to use some wax on the wood after I paint it in order to achieve a satin finish? If so, does anyone know what I can use on wood that won't require sanding but will still leave a satin finish?

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  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Apr 23, 2018

    It leaves more of a flat finish, but you can go over it with some satin poly.

  • Missy Burch Missy Burch on Apr 23, 2018

    If you want a satin finish, you will need you use a satin finish paint. Chalk paint won't give you that look, even once you apply wax. It's just not that type of paint. Chalk paint gives you an aged look, not a satin finish. If you apply a varnish over it, you may achieve a satin look, but it's iffy. It will depend on the original piece & how you apply the chalk paint. There are many variables.

  • Jan32542461 Jan32542461 on Apr 24, 2018

    Lighty rub over with fine grain wire wool and use a clear wax then buff off annie sloan products are the best

  • V Nichols V Nichols on Apr 24, 2018

    You'll have to seal it with a polyurethane to get anything other than a dull finish. I make my own chalk paint with different paint finishes and none of them leave any kind of sheen. But, it is easy to make and use chalk paint, just make sure your furniture or cabinets are clean before you paint them. Here is a pc I did with homemade chalk paint (made with plaster of Paris), homemade furniture wax and a polyurethane top coat. The china cabinet is without a top coat (dull sheen) and the table is with semi gloss polyurethane top coat (some shine).

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