Can I paint bathroom wall tiles? What do I do about the grout?

  2 answers
  • Sarah Hurtley Sarah Hurtley on Jul 18, 2018

    are the tiles ceramic, plastic, a composite...? first determine what type of tile...i have learned you can paint anything...i have old plastic "church" tile in one of my baths...and i'm using an appliance paint on for the grout....if your grout is solid and doesn't need any work you can paint the same color as wall tile...or..remove and regrout...or stain the grout is if it doesn't have a sealer on it....

  • Belfastgran Belfastgran on Jul 19, 2018

    Yes the tiles can be painted there's lots of different paints in your local paint store. As for grouting, I have seen tiles painted without grouting and they are beautiful. I have also seen them done with grouting pens, it's personal choice really. Good luck with your project