How do I paint my counter top in the bathroom?


I really want to try to paint my bathroom sink and counter top, I put 2 coats of kilz on and am now at a loss, suggestions plz?

q how do i paint my counter top in the bathroom


q how do i paint my counter top in the bathroom

After kilz

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  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Aug 25, 2018

    Take this photo to the paint department of your home improvement store,. They will show you the best paint and application tools for a professional job. They may give you ideas you never even thought of!

  • Jason T. Lee Jason T. Lee on Aug 25, 2018

    You need countertop paint. Spray paint and latex will not last a week in a wet environment

  • Tami Dean Tami Dean on Aug 25, 2018

    I bought "Rust-oleum Countertop coating" for my laminate counter.

    It is tintable to 12 colors (Home Depot for $20 a quart) then bought a lighter color. You paint it 1 color, and then dab on the lighter color with a sea sponge to resemble a granite look. As for the sink, you can take it out and spray paint it. Just get the correct paint, some kind of enamel I would guess. Good luck!:-)

  • Eloise Eloise on Aug 26, 2018

    Giani countertop paint or Rustoelum's Countertop Transformations

  • Sheri Horbachewski Sheri Horbachewski on Aug 26, 2018

    I am surprised that people spend so much on painting a countertop. For the amount needed it is cheaper to replace with new laminate if saving money is the goal here.

  • Hit24803097 Hit24803097 on Aug 26, 2018

    Go to Heirloom Traditions site and see their videos. They just did a step by step video. It is a great company and are more than willing to help you along the way.

  • Lorraine Young Hurst Lorraine Young Hurst on Dec 21, 2018

    I would get three different colors and sponge them on at different angles and textures kind of like a marble effect

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 24, 2018

    Although painting countertops is getting lots of talk these days, it is meant to be only a temporary decor improvement. Even if the preparation and application are completed correctly, the finish can no where near compete with the durability of new laminate. Also, as the materials that the sink and the countertop are made from are different, no paint is going to adhere the same way to both. To save money in the longer run, put it towards new rather than quick fixes.