How to paint a fabric roller blind?

Sandra R-J
by Sandra R-J
We recently redecorated our kitchen and family /dining room and removed the curtains and blind. I have decided to keep the roller blind in the kitchen above the sink but want to change the colour. So after cleaning it I painted it with Annie Sloan white chalk paint diluted with water. I am going to be painting another 2 coats then a stencil pattern (in acrylic) on top.
  1. Should I sand it or wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge between the coats?
  2. Should I use a foam roller to apply the coats of paint instead?
  3. Can I apply acrylic paint on top of the chalk paint (stencil pattern)?
  4. What should I use to seal it to protect it from stains and water splashes from my sink?
  5. How well will it live up to daily rolling up and pulling down?
The blind is approximately 15 years old but in excellent condition.
I'm a novice with chalk paint so if you are able to give me some advice it will be really appreciated.
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  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 23, 2018

    Unless you made the chalk paint to be fabric paint you will have cracking from rolling. There are additives like GAC 90 to make paint into fabric paint. You will have to get this from an art store. Do not use anymore paint unless specifically for fabric. As far as sealing - a waterproof one is advised. Seal-Crete is good. Do the sealer a couple of times. Hope this helps. Show pic when done please. It sounds awesome.

    • Sandra R-J Sandra R-J on Apr 23, 2018

      Thanks Sharon. I will investigate the addidative to see if it's available here in Australia. I thought the chalk paint may crackle. �

  • Janet S Janet S on Apr 24, 2018

    I recently painted my outdoor cushions. I mixed a fabric sizing product in with the paint and water. 50/50 paint/water mixture with a bottle of the fabric sizing. You’ll have to paint 3-4 coats and let the paint really soak in between layers. The sizing liquid I bought was found at Hobby Lobby and is called delta fabric medium.

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