What is the best method To repaint the staircase? What type of paint

I want to repaint my staircase. However, it is pretty banged up. There are small gaps between each step, some have been cut in strange ways to fit around a pillar and many are chipped in the fromt from what appears to be objects dropped on them. Should I use wood filler or something else when I sand and repair? Also, what type of paint and application process would you recommend for such a high traffic area? I am going with a dark gray and white. Thank you all so much!

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  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 20, 2018
    Are your "gaps" due to missing "tack strips", upon which rugs were attached at one time? If you sand, keep some of the sanding dust and mix it with the wood filler. Note that painted stairs, unless poly sealed 3x have little likelihood of surviving heavy traffic use, due to scuffing from shoes on treads and risers. Keep in mind that you want something to prevent slips and falls which frequently occurs on staircases without skid treads or carpeting. You may need to fill in those gaps, if they are large. Is the wood oak, or a softer wood? Some soft woods need to be "conditioned/primed" before staining/painting.

  • William William on Jul 20, 2018
    Fill the gaps with paintable caulk. Molding around the pillar. Wood filler will not hold. Wood expands and contracts. Wood filler will crumble and pop out. Prime with a stain blocking primer. The a good floor and porch paint.