Tip: how I save money on paint

I always check the rejected paint at Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart! I've had some amazing finds! Anyone else do that?
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  • Spe5095167 Spe5095167 on Feb 04, 2017
    Absolutely! That is the first place I go when I need paint. Always check the "Oops Paint" section. That really determines what color I paint something. Sometimes I have to keep checking to find something that I like but the savings is worth it.

  • Bernadette Giacona Bernadette Giacona on Feb 04, 2017
    FaceBook has groups in your specific neighborhood join one like Free and Cheap or garage sales. Then Habitat for Humanity has those huge massive 5 gallon containers for like $40 instead of over $120.

  • William William on Feb 04, 2017
    I mix a lot of my own "custom" colors, so "Oops Paint" is a must.

  • Colette Colette on Feb 08, 2017
    I take my leftover paints that I have lying around mix them up and if it works go to home depot and have a large batch made up.

  • Deb Martin Knaff Deb Martin Knaff on Feb 10, 2017
    DISCLAIMER: My sister in law works for Sherwin Williams and their miss tints are very, very cheap and good quality paint but I have seen gallons of unopened paint at Habitat For Humanity stores for just a few dollars. If it's a small space, I get mine there.

  • Monique Daviau Monique Daviau on Feb 12, 2017
    RESTORE from Habitat for Humanity, that is where I find wood tint from many companies like Winwax, I've also found some sample size paint from Debbie Travis. I also find a lot of stuff for my hardware needs. If your a DIY'er you need to find cheap and free stuff to keep your hobby going.

  • Cheryl Cheryl on Feb 12, 2017
    With 2nd hand stores, "garage sale" sites, estate sales, actual garage sales & want ads; I've been able to keep my hobbies in line from a financial point of view. I love sewing, crochet, quilting, beading & more sewing! LOL The most expensive item I have is my sewing machine & that was also bought 2nd hand. Thanks to this website I get numerous ideas, tips & techniques for all my interests.

  • Joanie Joanie on Feb 13, 2017
    WHATEVER store I go in, I go to the Sale tables. Never try to miss them......Even at grocery stores. Early mornin' and I get all the goodies