Where is the best place to get cheap wall paint

Delores W
by Delores W
I want to add a splash here and there in my apartment for a change, but i don't want to invest in paint that is very expensive. any suggestions?
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  • Look at Lowe's or Home Depot or any paint store for the mistints which are usually marked way down. Also go for sample paints under $3 which will paint a small piece and sometimes they too are in the mistint area for 50cents or so. You can also go to your craft stores and check out acrylics too which in small bottles are many times on sale for less than a $1. You have many options for color and paint and even think about fabric to add some spice. You can stretch fabric over an old canvas or ugly picture. You can also use fabric on walls with curtain rods from Ikea (cheap place to get them) and have some fun. Good luck and have fun
  • Delores W Delores W on Nov 05, 2013
    thanks for all the great advice I will give it a try and hope to post b&a pictures of my results.
  • Linda Linda on Nov 05, 2013
    Sometimes the local Habitat for Humanity stores have paint cheap!
  • Delores W Delores W on Nov 05, 2013
    thank you so much for that info! is the name of the store called habitat for humanity?
  • Becky P Becky P on Nov 05, 2013
    let me tell you from experience, you don't want really cheap paint. Look for "oops" paint at any of the stores. I like the Ace Hardware paint, and if you watch for sales/rebates, it isn't too badly priced.
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    • Linda Linda on Nov 09, 2013
      @The Garden Frog with C Renee I always use Glidden paint from thethe Home Depot. It always covers nicely in one coat and even covers stenciling. I tried Behr paint and and didn't like it at all. It was hard to cover over even antique white paint, and it rubbed off easy. I never had any problems with Glidden paint. Linda B.
  • Jan Remling Jan Remling on Nov 05, 2013
    Wall prep and painting is labor intensive, so don't go too cheap. Some cheap paints do not cover well. I always use Behr brand from Home Depot. Did use paint from Ace Hdwr, years ago and it was ok.
  • Linda Linda on Nov 07, 2013
    If you can find the Kilz brand paint (not primer), it is reasonably priced and covers really well for its price point. Walmart used to sell it, but I'm not sure if they do anymore. They can tint it to any color--not just the handful of paint strips that are usually available--if you ask. Good luck.
  • Pamela Thurlow Pamela Thurlow on Nov 07, 2013
    I do buy Walmart paint because it is made by Sherwin Williams. I have never had an issue with the paint. It lasts and keeps it's color. And if it's wrong you can exchange it.
  • Kathy Kathy on Nov 07, 2013
    habitat for humanity, they have a store here in town called THE RESALE STORE. a variety of paint, etc there!
  • Zbeth W Zbeth W on Nov 08, 2013
    Cheap paint won't cover well and you end up having to use more of it to cover . so in the end it costs about the same... I go to Sherwin Williams usually... But I have found some great deals and colors in the reject piles at Lowes and Home Depot... I used Ace Hardware paint once and it took 3 gallons to paint a room vs 2 of Sherwin Williams... so....
  • Matina V Matina V on Nov 08, 2013
    Sometimes the Oooops section of Home Depot or other such store has some great colors, others not so great but you can always mix together (if you are familiar with how colors work together) or add white to tone down.
  • Delores W Delores W on Nov 13, 2013
    thank you all so much for the great options. I will look into them as my budget is a wee tight! thanks again!!!
  • Cindy Cindy on Nov 13, 2013
    I generally get my paint at Walmart around $17.00 a gallon semi-gloss
  • Delores W Delores W on Nov 22, 2013
    thank you for all the great advice.
  • Nancy Rhodes C Nancy Rhodes C on Dec 15, 2013
    No!!! No cheap paint ever. You can buy the little small samples of look for "OOPS" where customers have brought back paint that did not work. I bought a gallon of outside oil base paint in dark blue 9 years ago for $1 measly dollar at a thrift store. The paint was a good brand and still looks new on my outside shutters..
  • Retro Steam Works Retro Steam Works on Dec 16, 2013
    I painted my whole 1,200 ft home with oops paint from Lowes, oops paint prices vary depending on the store, but I found very cheap and high quality paint. I chose a washable finish for all areas. I got five gallon buckets for the price of a gallon and best quality one gallon paint for $5. They always have them.
  • Sandy Sandy on Dec 16, 2013
    I shop at home improvement stores, like Home Depot, Lowes, in the paint department, ask to see their selection of oops paints,