bathroom renovation colour scheme

Im just in the process of renovating my small bathroom. It will have a white bath shower combo with vanity and existing toilet. I've never done before - professionals will be doing it for me. Just unsure how to choose colour of floor tiles and wall behind bath etc. The walls have recently been painted a coral beige type colour. I have new white blinds against Window. Its a timber qlder in Australia. I have country theme through the house so may go for similar look in bathroom. rustic. ..but I alsowant trytto make the room appear bigger and brighter. Any ideas
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  • do tiles in neutral porcelain or stone tiles. Use colors on the walls and accessories. you can change out wall color easier than you can change tiles. I would look at natural looking tiles to go along with your taste. use 12x12 tiles will give the room a larger feel. I would weigh out tiling up the walls since that is an added expense and could make the room look busy. Spend the money on the flooring tile. Good luck.

  • Sonya Sonya on Sep 27, 2013
    thank you for your help, this is my first home, and as such my first home renovation - had no idea where to start, even looking around at other reno's didn't feel like I knew if it would work for me - if they tiled around the bathroom in a white tile (which is what they have suggested) - do you think that would look ok?

    • @Sonya what kind of tile are looking at? Just for the floor? White is a good choice since it cannot go out of style. I am attaching a photo of my full bath that I tiled with 6" tiles on a diagonal. I picked a grey grout.

  • Sonya Sonya on Sep 27, 2013
    Both floor is getting retiled, and the contractor suggested tiling around the bath up to a certain level ? That looks affective, someone has told me to stick to white tiles for that cleaner modern look?

    • @Sonya I would stick to the floor and not tile up the wall unless you were doing a complete tile in shower and tub but it sounds like you have a tub shower combo already which is not tiled, right? There are so many tiles here in the states that are beautiful and neutral. Granite, marble, and other natural stones such as travertine are so beautiful. and warm too. I would check out cost of natural tile before you make up your mind. You already said your style is rustic or country and white tiles or natural stone tiles would work and if you ever decide to sell would be a positive selling point. Just do not do colors or painted tiles. good luck!

  • Sonya Sonya on Sep 27, 2013
    at the moment i have a dated large shower cubicle, with basin & toilet in the room, I'm looking at getting a free standing batch, with a shower at the end, screened to prevent splash out, but this is going in the corner of the room,along the back wall, that was why the contractor suggested tiling along that side of the shower/bath area?

  • Sonya Sonya on Sep 27, 2013
    again, thank you for your suggestion, i'll have a look at the range of tiles at our local distributor and see what i find..

  • Sheryll S Sheryll S on Oct 09, 2013
    Go with pure white I think. I lived in an apartment with white...... all white and I still all these years later, think of that gorgeous WHITE tiled floor and walls, bathroom. Just gorgeous and so easy to change the look from season to season and any color you happen to be in the 'mood' to use.