How do you come up with all these wonderful ideas?

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  • Who me? 😆 I grew up with two sets of DIY parents and then married into one too.

  • Katherine Anne Katherine Anne on May 13, 2017
    Necessity is the mother of invention. Usually ideas are derived from lack of funds and/ or materials. Having to use things on hand. Creativity and desire to spend less money to have a wonderful look, can result in beautiful creative ideas!

  • John John on May 13, 2017
    the answer is 1; EXPERIENCE, 2: BEING ABLE TO VISUALIZE THE END PRODUCT AND 3; IMAGINATION 4; sites like this and

  • Sharon Susa Courchesne Sharon Susa Courchesne on May 15, 2017
    I wonder the same thing! People are so amazingly creative on here. I agree with the Pinterest comment cause that always inspires me.

  • Marcie Marcie on May 19, 2017
    I am an artist, and have creative ideas all the time. But even creative people need input! Magazines, Pinterest and Hometalk are great ways to explore ideas. But nothing takes the place of just taking the time to experiment. Just try things, even if you fail.