Dust in upstairs bedroom.

Ed M
by Ed M
Our upstairs master bedroom is usually dusty compared to other rooms in our home. Any suggestions why this situation occurs? Our ductwok is in the attic above this room and two other bedrooms on the same floor. If it makes a difference.....we are empty nesters and seldom have anyone in the other rooms. Thanks for any ideas/suggestions.
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  • You actually just answered your question as in most cases the bulk of it is caused by leaky ductwork Your return lines suck in the air they require & from where it is easiest to get which can be from the return, the attic, around the filters, the air handler, etc... then it is just a matter of delivering that dusty conditioned air to where it is requested.
  • SLS nailed it. Air ducts and poor air sealing in the house in general can cause lots of dust issues as well as high energy bills. So by fixing the leaking ducts in the attic and properly insulating them at the same time, you will benefit on both fronts. If one room appears to be worse then the others, the first thing is to check is the ducts serving the worse offended rooms. My guess you will find your issue. Before however you run out and tape and seal etc. Check with your energy star program in your state. A professional home energy audit can find all sorts of other issues that can contribute to your issue at hand. Many of the repairs are attached to rebates and discounts as well. In NJ some of the rebates are as much as $5,000 plus a 0% loan up to ten grand. But the repairs must be performed by someone who is qualified and is part of the program. Ga has similar programs so it would pay you to look into them.
  • Ed M Ed M on Jan 29, 2013
    Thanks for the lead(s). Duct leaks were my first suspicion but I wanted confirmation. Your help/comment are greatly appreciated.