Swamp Cooler Leak

Vicki T
by Vicki T
We have a leak in the copper tubing going from the house to the swamp cooler. The tubing exits the house and runs under the porch. The leak is between the house and the porch. Is there an easy fix for this issue or should I call in the cavalry? It's getting hot here! Thanks.
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  • This all depends upon your plumbing ability. If its a tube that you can access, there are fittings now available called Shark Bites. Assuming your water supply line is at least half inch in size you can purchase these nifty fittings at most major big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's. What they are is a fitting that can be used instead of trying to solder the pipe. You simply purchase some Pex tubing which is the same size as the copper line. Pex is much cheaper then copper and comes in short straight lengths or long coils up to 100 feet long. Find where the old copper has cracked. Take a tubing cutter and cut it off. Then measure the length of the pipe you removed and cut the Pex the same length only about one inch shorter. Then take the Shark Bite fitting and push it onto the ends of the tube. Do the same at both ends and your done! No solder, easy to use and you can get cool once again. Here is a link to show you the fittings to make the connection. http://www.sharkbiteplumbing.com/
  • Vicki T Vicki T on Jun 18, 2012
    My Cousin had gotten a coupler looking thing that I think may have been a Shark Bite. She did not, however, use Pex tubing and when the water was turned on we had a gusher. Gonna go get some tubing and try it again. Thanks Woodbridge Eviromental. Tonight may be comfortable enough to sleep after all :)
  • Depending on the type of leak....is a pin hole, split, crack...how big? For a pin hole, you can get a repair sleeve at Depot or wherever that will overlay the damaged pipe and seal it up for now. You want to figure out what caused the damage. We've seen some copper pipe eroded with small pin hole leaks due to the chemicals in local water.
  • You do not have to use the Pex, but its much easier to use then copper. Also resists cracking when frozen in winter.
  • Vicki T Vicki T on Jun 19, 2012
    Thanks gentlemen....when she gets it done I will let you know how she did. HandyANDY I don't know what the leak started out looking like, she had already cut it off before I saw it.