Clothes dryer underneath vent is allowing hot air to escape onto the floor.

Donna A
by Donna A
Hot air is escaping from the bottom, front side of my dryer causing condensation on the floor in front of my dryer. The dryer is working perfectly in every other regard.
Could some thing not be sealed correctly underneath? When I put my hand underneath the bottom I can feel hot air venting out when the dryer is running. It only seems to be coming from the right front side.
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  • Could be a few things. But my first thought was perhaps the dryer hose has come loose and although it looks as though its connected may be leaking at that point. Check the hose connection first. Then check the hose itself. New codes require that the hose be made of metal. Plastic hose with the wire spring inside is no longer allowed because of early failures and fire concerns. If the hose is older it may have split causing the air to flow back towards the dyer. If none of those two things has caused this blow back your speaking of, then the dryer needs to be pulled out and the back of it opened up to determine what has come apart under it. I have never heard of a dryer vent system leaking like this which is why I suspect the hose or the connection.
  • Donna A Donna A on Jan 08, 2012
    Thank you, this is a very helpful answer. Going to pull the dryer out to take a look underneath.
  • I agree. The integrity of the venting system is the question. Also I have experienced blocked venting systems with similar symptoms. Such as separation in the vent or even a bird's nest, I highly recommend an evaluation of the venting system. Possible clean and then replace vent. For added safety install a LintAlert,
  • One tip I had suggested to me to try to clean out a blocked dryer vent was to use your leaf blower hose at your inside duct. Might help if there is a clog.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 09, 2012
    I'm a big fan of the smooth wall ridgid metal ducts...these as so much better at keeping the lint from collecting.
  • KMS yes they are great as long as people do not use screws and remember to use foil tape to seal the joints.