How do I convert a 220 volt dryer to 110 volt?

by Gail

How to convert my dryer to 110v from 220v. I don't have 220v service at my new place. I've seen converter plugs like used in traveling abroad, would one of these work??

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  • Misty Adkins Misty Adkins on Oct 31, 2018

    No your heating elements wont work or u will continuously blow fuses

  • Misty Adkins Misty Adkins on Oct 31, 2018

    The 220 will have to be installed u can not use a 110 outlet it could catch fire or burn up all the wires on that circuit...i learned this when trying to use 110 for a 220 airconditioner

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 31, 2018

    I would check with someone familiar with this, like an electrician to see if this is possible. My guess is that 220v appliances need to run on 220v to not cause problems or hazards that come with not having enough voltage. Normally, things like electric stoves and dryers need the 220v to work the way they are supposed to work.

  • Gail Gail on Oct 31, 2018

    Thank you. Guess I need to look for a 110 dryer.

  • Oliva Oliva on Oct 31, 2018

    See they make 110v dryers, before purchasing.

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