GE washer won't spin and drain


Any suggestions on how to fix a washing machine that won't spin or drain occasionally?

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  • Gellie Yapching Gellie Yapching on Aug 02, 2016
    I have come across this situation but I realized I have overloaded my washer. So I just re-spinned it.

    • Marsha Marsha on Aug 02, 2016
      I have had to respin several times. But sometimes it leaves dirt/grime on my clothes. It s like it comes up from the tub instead of draining it clean.

  • Carol Fredette Carol Fredette on Aug 02, 2016
    Sometimes the hose is kinked or pinched against the wall. Check the hoses.

  • Dusty Dusty on Aug 02, 2016
    Go to YouTube and type in your problem in the search area. They have hundreds of videos that will talk you through appliance fixes. I have not called a repairman in years.

  • Katrina Katrina on Aug 02, 2016
    Is your washer level could as well be the problem good luck with your problem

  • Barbara Pace Barbara Pace on Aug 02, 2016
    I had the same problem, had look for a new washer.

  • FRED RIGGS FRED RIGGS on Aug 02, 2016
    The pump that takes the water out is not pulling it out. Check hoses to the pump for a sock or nylons. A pump is cheap and easy to install with a few basic tools. The hose that takes the water out could have something in it too. Level has nothing to do with it.

    • Marsha Marsha on Aug 03, 2016
      Sometimes it washes and drains with no problem you still think it could be the hose or pump?

  • Sharon Binegar Sharon Binegar on Aug 02, 2016

  • Linda Santo Linda Santo on Aug 02, 2016 fixed mine for less than $20

  • Phyllis A Tims Phyllis A Tims on Aug 03, 2016
    belt loose or broken underneath tub Maybe

  • Mkaredmon Mkaredmon on Aug 03, 2016
    Found a full video on YouTube to fix ours.

  • FRED RIGGS FRED RIGGS on Aug 03, 2016
    yes, how old is your washer? any problems in the past. let me know please.

  • FRED RIGGS FRED RIGGS on Aug 03, 2016
    when it starts to spin, feel the hose and see if it feels full of water. If you can, without damage to the floor, lay it down and see if water runs out in a strong manner

    • Marsha Marsha on Aug 03, 2016
      Will do. It's only 1 1/2 yrs old. Hopefully it is just something stuck in the hose. Thanks

  • FRED RIGGS FRED RIGGS on Aug 03, 2016
    Did you try putting the hose on the floor or a bucket or something to see if it will spin and empty. I think it is something stuck in there. Or, call for GE service, which actually is Sears repair.

  • Marsha Marsha on Aug 03, 2016
    No but will try that. Thank you.

  • FRED RIGGS FRED RIGGS on Aug 03, 2016
    If it is one of the new HE kind, probably need to call for service. They are too complicated to try to fix with the exception of the hose. The drain hose is in the back on the bottom of the panel. Held on by a spring clamp usually. A pair of plier squeeze the thing together to relieve the tension, and slide it back away from the washer. Then, twist the hose until it comes away from the washer. Run water through the hose to be sure it is clear and take a flashlight and look in the outlet and see if you see anything. If not, it may be a malfunctioning timer not clicking over to drain and spin setting. Then, you need the service guy to fix that for you.

    • Marsha Marsha on Aug 04, 2016
      It is one of the HE washers. Hopefully I can get the hose checked this weekend. Thank you.

  • FRED RIGGS FRED RIGGS on Aug 11, 2016
    did you ever find out what the problem was, curious with the new HE's what happened. Let us know

  • Marsha Marsha on Aug 11, 2016
    Took the hose off. Nothing stuck in hose. It works good sometimes and then other times it won't drain or spin. If I wait several hours and then put on drain spin cycle it works. I am beginning to think its possessed. Will probably end up calling a repairman.

  • Dusty Dusty on Aug 12, 2016
    Try YouTube! Type in 'ge washer won't spin'. There are great videos for maintenance/repair of many appliances.

  • Marsha Marsha on Aug 12, 2016
    Thank you.