How can I repair a hole in my plastic laundry tub

by Patricia
Recently discovered a whole in my resin laundry tub. Can it be fixed or should I replace it?
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  • Kate McComas Kate McComas on Dec 18, 2014
    You can use Bondo on it... cover with a fiberglass sheet cut about an inch larger than the hole (around all sides of it) glue it in place with the epoxy and cover with Bondo. That's the same stuff they fix cars with. Allow to set completely then just sand till smooth. It probably won't be the same color as your laundry tub if that won't be a problem for you...
  • Lisa B. Lisa B. on Dec 18, 2014
    A fiberglass repair kit should work. Any boat shop will have everything you need.
  • Cherise Mcdowell Cherise Mcdowell on Aug 10, 2017

    Can I use Flex Seal on it

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    • William William on Sep 23, 2018

      Flex Seal is just sticky tape. Won't hold for long. Won't last. Breaks down. Only great for a band aid fix. Would yo go on a cruise ship held together with Flex Seal? Would you fly in a plane held together with Flex Seal.