How do I replace old lamp hardware to fit new lamp shade?

Dorris Patrick
by Dorris Patrick
My new lamp shades does not fit my old lamp.
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  • Nancy Gramm Nancy Gramm on Mar 13, 2015
    How does it not fit? Too tall? Too short? You can fix either of those problems easily by replacing the harp. Just measure the current harp and the distance you'd like to shorten/lengthen and buy another of that size. (In my area--I live in the country--a range of replacement harps isn't that easy to find, but in the city check lamp/lamp shade stores.) The harp locks into the lamp by way of notched legs that side into the slotted arms of the harp base. Squeeze the legs to slide them out/in. You can even find harps that are adjustable, making them longer or shorter. I've picked those up at Walmart, but be advised, they've never fit the lamps I've been trying to change. (Of course, every lamp I have is vintage, so that might be the problem.) I've had to have the hub pry open the base arms to make them slide in. Hope that helps a little anyway; I have been a bit rambly.
  • Gail Gail on Mar 13, 2015
    Based on previous experience, you probably need a new harp--the metal part that holds the shade. It is removable. New ones can be found just about anywhere--walmart, Kmart, etc. the one you need will be based on the type of shade and height you need. There are some out there that can be adjusted for height, just have to fit the shade. Most lamps take one of two different harps.
  • Karen Lee Karen Lee on Mar 14, 2015
    I recently searched Hi & Lo for Lamp Replacement Hardware myself; found it at Target & then at Home Depot; Harps & Filial (the Little DooDad that sits on top to screw it all down). Now, my Yard Sale Finds Look Devine. Got New Shades at Target; $25 each x 2; more than I wanted to spend, but really "Made The Look"; at least IMO! Good Luck. PS Bring the Lamp w/You when You Shop; makes it so much easier to decide on the spot
  • Take your lamp and new shade to a lamp repair shop. If you can't find one, call furniture stores and ask them if they replace harps and hardware on lamps. They will adjust the size of the harp according to the size of the new shade. Cost very minimal.
  • A A on May 02, 2015
    Take it to a pro...since your not capable yourself.