Asked on Mar 12, 2017

I would like to know how to remove rubber sealant from a tub?

Bonnie Gomez
by Bonnie Gomez
Flex seal rubber sealant from a regular bathtub. I tried it to cover my ugly tub. Now it is even uglier than before. Can you suggest something?
Bonnie Gomez-🤔 What I really need is for one of those flips to come redo my baths or the entire house!
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  • William William on Mar 12, 2017

    The whole tub??? Try to soften it with a blow dryer and scrape with a plastic putty knife/scraper. Then clean up any residue with WD40. Any other solvents won't work. Some have tried paint stripper, Goo Gone, Goof Off and nothing worked. "AS Seen On TV" stuff is trash. I know someone who tried to waterproof basement wall with Flexseal. Still has leaks! Should have gone with UGL basement paint.

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    • Rbr8807250 Rbr8807250 on Mar 17, 2017

      Heat and scrape, then a product called Desolve it! Will not hurt your hands other than making them very dry! Doesn't smell bad either! I have used this product from road tar removal, paint brush cleaner, even takes off liquid nail. If you leave it sit long enough! Home Depot usually sales it!