Bowing wall who to call how to fix

by Lina
I have a 1955 year old row home two-story 2 bed 1 bath cement basement. The back wall is bowing and protruding away from the house the windows are shifted back bedroom and kitchen and dining room. I keep having the same leak in the roof in the back bedroom nomatter how many times we patch it and fix it it seems as though the water must be coming from the wall outside. I need new windows I can't put new windows in a wall that's moved so I need to fix the wall first. I'm going to try to send you some pictures. Second problem the house next door just sold was bought rehabbed pretty much from the ground up entire house replaced everything made it a three bedroom two bath it sold for a considerable amount of money. What I noticed that they did to the back wall was took it down to the brick cement the entire back wall I don't know if they pointed it or if they're problem was the same as mine then they reframed sheetrock and put a brand new kitchen in. They put brand new windows throughout the whole house out on the back end they recapped them deeper than a normal standard window and I don't know if they were trying to hide the shape or if that was what they wound up with in the end after fixing the problem. It looks good it looks way better than mine. What I do know about the house next door is that the original owner had a sub pump in the basement I don't know what her water source where her water source came from she just had a sub pump when they redid the house they made the third bedroom the basement put a brand new bathroom in central air all the wiring for everything it's all brand new and they tiled the basement floor sub pump is gone. About 3 weeks ago I started to get surfacing water coming up from my concrete floor in basement. I have been here 17 years never had water in my basement.
Back bedroom closet . that is the south wall that is corner connected to the window wall. I can take another picture so you can see the closet
South wall where windows are connected to fire wall and neighbor.
South wall fire wall roof and or wall leak never goes away. Been on the roof way to many times.
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  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 09, 2018 or can put you in touch with a verified Structural Engineer.... Get one out there immediately.... you need to know what is going on and get if fixed.... ASAP

  • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on Jun 09, 2018

    You will probably need to contact a structural engineer and a contractor because it appears you have major structural problems which cannot be fixed by yourself. And it probably starts with your foundation. You can go outside and check all around and will probably see deterioration with your own eyes. If your foundation fails your family could be in danger of a collapse (worst case scenario). Good luck.

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    • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on Jun 10, 2018

      I am so happy to hear you are getting it checked out, and I hope I am entirely wrong. Please reply here when you find out and let us know the remedy. Wishing you safety and a good outcome.

  • DD DD on Jun 09, 2018

    I have to agree this can be a potentially dangerous problem Please contact a structural engineer ASAP Sorry don't mean to scare you but this needs the attention of a professional

  • Ellis Ellis on Jun 09, 2018

    The sump pump was probably helping to remove water under their and your basement. Now that it's gone, you're getting ground water that is no longer being removed.

    I agree with everyone else, you have to get a reputable structural engineer to diagnose this problem soon.