Asked on Mar 19, 2016

Covering up a glass block wall

by Des
I have a partition that is made of glass blocks (a look that I'm not a fan of). I'd love any ideas to cover it up or update it without paying the costs of tearing it down. Thanks!!
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  • Liz Mosby Liz Mosby on Mar 20, 2016
    Those blocks are actually pretty cool looking, I have seen them coming back recently too. But I'm sure if you've had them for a while you're ready for a change. I wonder if there a cool way to paint them with an opaque, or even a clear glaze.. Also, there is that stained glass stick on stuff you can get, that may look really cool if you do it with the right pattern.. Or if you just want it gone, maybe take a sheet of plywood or particle board and use that to put over both sides and put wall paper on it that would match your decor, or paint some type of mural on it. I guess it just depends on what kinds of space, or what room it's in.
  • Margaret Margaret on Mar 20, 2016
    I think the glass blocks look nicer with the wood framing. I would use a curtain. For me it would be like they once did french doors. A rod at the top and bottom with the fabric drawn tightly top and bottom. I know the new look is no drapes but I like them. I like Liz.s idea of a mural or painting in that space its already framed up. Have fun with it
  • Hildegarde Hildegarde on Mar 20, 2016
    I would use a blind in the colour of the room's painted walls. It lets in light and covers the blocked glass blocks. The blind is an additional decoration. I have 2 such windows in my house and, as they let in light, I didn't want to cover them up entirely. I can adjust the blinds accordingly, so that light still comes through but I don't see the glass blocks. Naturally a near transparent bunched up white curtain from the ceiling to the floor also does the trick.
  • Tina Tina on Mar 20, 2016
    You could make 1 side of the top 1/2 into a scrapbook wall. Place an assortment of pictures and paper blocked scenes that could be changed out for different holidays, seasons, etc. Cover the other side and bottom 1/2 with a piece of painted or faux brick/stone panel.
  • Lauren Lauren on Mar 20, 2016
    If you like the style, I would put up shoji screens that will let light in. Even if you put them on both sides. Easy to put up and take down.
  • Nancy Denick Nancy Denick on Mar 20, 2016
    Hang some funky framed art on both sides (use command strips) until you come across an idea that you love or until you get the mojo to tear it out. I personally would try to remove just the glass blocks and replace it with clear glass and some mullions to look like a french door.
  • Elaine Elaine on Mar 20, 2016
    If you want a more elegant and finished look, I would cover BOTH sides with drywall then paint the whole structure the same as the other adjacent walls. You could also add some molding (e.g. sort of like chair rail, etc.) to the "wall". Make sure you cover the other side with drywall too & paint it to go with the rest of the room.
  • She3385719 She3385719 on Mar 20, 2016
    Tried Stone spray paint in a small area and see if you like it . there are many color to choose from. If it work's please post it I would like to see it
  • William William on Mar 20, 2016
    I would put floating shelves that extend past the blocks on the sides on the most visible side. Paint the shelves same as the walls. Spray frost paint on the other side to let light shine through. Great for family photos, collectibles, or combination of both.
  • Angel Buffalino Angel Buffalino on Mar 20, 2016
    I'd try covering foam board with fabric or wall paper and using it n inset on either or both sides to dress it up on the cheap as long as water isn't an issue.
  • Mary Mary on Mar 20, 2016
    Maybe consider an effect with some rope lighting behind art or a rustic sign installed over it. If there is room on the one side a door with shelves would cover it and provide display space. Wood with hooks to hang coats etc. Depending on your style there are many options.
  • Donna Donna on Mar 20, 2016
    Omgosh! I love those glass blocks! Sorry u dont but I wish that wall was in my house! :)
  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Mar 20, 2016
    If you don't have to depend on the light that the block wall provides, you could sheet rock over one side and have a large mirror cut for the other side and frame it into the space. If one side is gloomier and smaller, I would opt for the mirror to go on that side to reflect light and to give the illusion of more space. However you do it, give some thought to making it so that it can be undone and the next occupant will have the choice to use the glass block wall if they like it.
  • Megan Clark Megan Clark on Mar 20, 2016
    Just hang a curtain on both sides. Easy!
  • Kari Roberts Kari Roberts on Mar 20, 2016
    If you like a world market look, Paint each block a different color with glass paints.
  • LyonStill LyonStill on Mar 20, 2016
    I don't have any solution but it's too bad you don't like the glass brick wall. I think they are super cool. Good luck with a resolution.
  • Bobbie Littlefield Bobbie Littlefield on Mar 20, 2016
    You can use clear silicone to "glue" some glass flat backed bubbles to the glass. You can create a "stained glass" look with texture. I do not suggest using plain stained glass as it is much more breakable and you have to insure all the sharp sides are fully encased. Create a floor outline of the size "picture" you will need to make with masking tape. Arrange the bubbles, take a picture. Glue to blocks with silicone. I suggest the clear silicone as it is easy to remove with a sharp razor blade as well if you should change your mind....
    • Des Des on Mar 20, 2016
      Do you mean something like the colored glass some use to decorate the bottom of a vase or bowl?
  • Trace Hunter Trace Hunter on Mar 20, 2016
    Frost the glass of each block. You could either frost the blocks solid or a pattern.
  • Laura Williams-May Laura Williams-May on Mar 20, 2016
    If you like batik fabric, you can cover it with a panel of that on the side furthest from the light and the light will shine through for a rich effect.
    • Des Des on Mar 21, 2016
      I love that fabric. Any suggestions on online sites to buy it?
  • Lisa Lisa on Mar 20, 2016
    in Google type in "painting on glass blocks" there are a lot of interesting ideas such as stained glass look or pretty flowers theme. Depending how many people are in the house - have 1st names (1 letter per square) like a cross word effect, or cute one word inspirations on assorted squares (a good sharpie should do the trick). Or change it up each season with erasable marker or paint. Would to see a finished design :)
  • Juli Albright Juli Albright on Mar 20, 2016
    I have some in my jacuzzi room and have a pretty shower curtain hanging over it on the inside. Still lets light in, but not nosey little eyes ;)
  • Pat Pat on Mar 20, 2016
    How about a framed mirror on one side and a piece of plywood/thin board framed covered in fabric for the other side. Or fabric covered thin board on both sides.
  • Bobbie Littlefield Bobbie Littlefield on Mar 20, 2016
    Yes - those little glass bubbles! You can also purchase stained glass paint (which is in many colors but transparent)
  • Wendy Wessel Wendy Wessel on Mar 20, 2016
    How about putting up white honeycomb/cellular shades on both sides. It will create a clean texture and allow the light to come through and keep the space open looking. Just make them the exact width and height and pull all the way to the floor. I have the cordless style and they're wonderful.
  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on Mar 20, 2016
    I would find or make a frame that just fits inside the moulding, stretch a canvas over it and use artwork to fill the space.
  • Trace Hunter Trace Hunter on Mar 20, 2016
    Any home improvement store could recommend a tenpory frost or you can etch the glass. Whatever you choose please update us with what you decided to do.
  • Ronnie Ronnie on Mar 21, 2016
    Possibly cover with your choice of wallpaper even a mural on one side.
  • Ann Ann on Mar 21, 2016
    Start with foam core cut to fit (by art store). This will be an inexpensive blank screen on which you can imagine and design. Later you could paint or attach fabric or canvas to the foam core. Do you have any theme to your decor?
  • Marcia Calcaterra Marcia Calcaterra on Mar 21, 2016
    I like the above suggestions. Mine is a bit different though. What I'd do now is not tear it out, as someone may love it one day, as it is. I see these blocks looking outstanding in an industrial, Mid Century Modern setting . Just cover them with something beautiful in your style. Shuttering them may be nice, as you will still allow the light to penetrate.
  • Denise Denise on Mar 21, 2016
    Depending on where it is and whats on the other side, how about a plank wall?
  • Cindy Curtis Cindy Curtis on Mar 21, 2016
    I like you do not like the glass so I would put ply board or planks over it then add planters to it that has trailing vines to take away from the addition good luck.
  • Cecile Stone Cecile Stone on Mar 21, 2016
    remove it if its not a carrying wall
  • KatAych KatAych on Mar 21, 2016
    You could give it a stained glass look, or just hang a curtain there! Dependent on how much room is in front of it, you could mount brackets to the wood and add some shelves to display items or plants.
  • Laura Williams-May Laura Williams-May on Mar 22, 2016
    I go to ebay.....
  • -Donna -Mason -Donna -Mason on Apr 02, 2016
    I don't know if you like tin tiles but you could cover the glass or the whole thing with Tin tile or even the wallpaper that Lowe's carries you can paint with metallic paint. I did a popcorn ceiling in my old was easy and fast...I used a copper paint. If you want something more substantial they make glue on ceiling tile in different styles you can do the same with...also trim to match...much more expensive but If you feel it will need something thicker it would work. The metallic paint does stiffen the wallpaper and it's raised so much thicker than regular wall paper. Good luck...please post photos so I can see what u chose...😊
  • Jcraw Jcraw on Oct 24, 2016
    Understanding that a tear down is a nasty project with kids and hardwood floors, I'd be tempted to paint. At least some of it using your wall color. Solid bottom. Towards the top, for light, add another color or not. Make a pattern. Take some photos and color them in. I googled geometric/moderne stained glass and there are hundreds of ideas which would suit your house better than the traditional stained glass look. You could even paint the edges of your "art" in black for a frame. If you hate it, it's not that difficult to knock out the glass. You really only need to break one. First one is the most difficult, and gentle prodding moves the others. Put in shelves.
  • Juli Albright Juli Albright on Oct 25, 2016
    I put a pretty shower curtain over mine. Easy peasy!
  • Joan Joan on Jul 25, 2018

    Change to a stained glass window !

  • Jds Jds on Jun 03, 2019

    I’m in the process of renovating a bathroom. We have cleared everything in this bathroom and want to either put a blind or sheer curtains over block window. Does anyone have pictures of a project like this or any ideas? These are some before and after in the middle of this project.

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    • Victoria Victoria on Jul 27, 2022

      You may regret a freestanding tub. One, it's a trend, and two, you will be cleaning around and under it like a toilet. Not Fun! That floor looks great however!

  • Kathy Martinez Kathy Martinez on Feb 04, 2023

    I don’t personally like the blocks because it’s so old looking but it is making a comeback. I would make use with light, water and plants. A large waterfall decor. Lights behind to enhance, and plants like bamboo or trailing plants, like a indoor garden.