Fix cracks where ceiling and wall meet

I had a bathroom remodel done Spring 2016 and it looked fine. When winter came, cracks appeared along ceiling & wall joints on one wall. I attributed it to ‘settling’. I didn’t have time to deal with it so waited. When spring arrived, the cracks disappeared, you could not even see an indication of them. So I waited and sure enough the cracks re-appeared as winter 2017-2018 arrived. At first I thought I would just run some caulk in the cracks, but I was worried what would happen in spring, would the wall re-bound to the same location or would the caulk be compressed out and show bulges? My house is 30 yrs old, my husband and I built and remodeled many times and have not had this occur anywhere is house. This is an inside wall on both sides, not exterior wall.
South end of wall
Interior wall running North-South

North end of wall
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  • Susan Massey Susan Massey on Jan 28, 2018

    Lowe's has all kinds of wood and vinyl trim for ceilings. These moldings are very easy to cut and nail up.

    • Nancy Weldon McEntire Nancy Weldon McEntire on Jan 28, 2018

      If wall/ceiling continue to move with the seasons, will it just take the trim pieces with it? Should I only nail to ceiling or wall only To allow for shift?

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Jan 28, 2018

    I have the same problem in my 3 year old patio enclosure. The research I've done suggests it's from truss uplift, but in an older home it could also be settling of the foundation. Here's a couple of links that might help:

  • Susan Massey Susan Massey on Jan 28, 2018

    I think nailing it to the wall only would be best. Do it now while it is separated, then when it settles it will be tighter. Use vinyl instead of wood trim, it will give under pressure instead of cracking. I would also recommend corner pieces to match the long side pieces. Just put them up and slide the long pieces into it. Good luck!

  • Nun32489822 Nun32489822 on Jan 28, 2018

    theres always acrylic filler that painter and decorators use to fill cracks eric

  • William William on Jan 28, 2018

    Seems like movement is in the ceiling joists when the weather changes. Also may be insufficient insulation in the ceiling. I would use 100% silicone caulk and force it into the gap when it's open. See if it holds before considering molding. If you go with molding nail it to the wall. It's the ceiling that is moving. You may still need to caulk.

    • Nancy Weldon McEntire Nancy Weldon McEntire on Jan 28, 2018

      Appreciate the advice. I would not think that it is the insulation; my husband and I put in about 10-12 inches of insulation in the attic. I had already bought caulk but wanted to reach out before proceeding. Thank you so much.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 28, 2018

    I had this along my east wall, hottest wall in summer, and I used bathroom silicon caulk and its never split again. I just ran a bead and used my finger to smooth it in.... to keep off your painted wall, I would run a line of painters tape along it before caulking.