How do I get more moisture into the air?


I already have a humidifier going because I'm already getting static when I do my hair and I haven't even turned on my heat yet! How do I get more humidity in the air/get rid of the static?

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  • Ili Ili on Oct 19, 2018

    Gail, I don't have that problem but besides de humidifier probably you can get some help by misting your plants or the air, or yourself...JMO

  • Ginny Ginny on Oct 19, 2018

    I use put old flower containers (the kind plants come in/no holes in bottoms) filled with water near the heat source in rooms I use most. You would be surprised how much water is gone within 24-48 hrs.

  • Barbara C Barbara C on Oct 20, 2018

    Place a large pot of water on the stove, heat it up til it steams.Keep an eye on it. Don't let it all boil away.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 20, 2018

    I don't have a low humidity problem in our house, We always have aquariums, ours are actually large (75 to 150 gallons) and they keep humidity in the air. If parts of the house seem dry, we put one of the small mist humidifiers in that room for a few hours. We also bring in many pots of plants for the winter and I think that helps, too. My mom use to boil spices on her stove when she thought it was dry on the mail level of her house.

  • Gail Gail on Oct 20, 2018

    A steam vaporizer will put much more moisture into your indoor air than a cool mist humidifier. Steam vaporizers are also much more energy efficient than heating water on a stove & are pretty cheap to buy even new at stores like Wal-Mart or Amazon. They are also found frequently in thrift stores & yard sales for less than $5. Give them a good cleaning before You start using for more efficiency esp if buying used. I usually remove the head & submerge in a calcium & scale remover akin to CLR & soak for about 30 mins to hour, then dip into clean water several times to wash off cleaner. Do not completely submerge, only to fill line marking on the head cover that goes inside water reservoir. You can buy cleaners made especially for vaporizers if you prefer.

    You can also scent your room by putting a few drops of essential oils or room scents in the little cups next to where the steam vapor comes out. There're are scents you can get in pharmacy depts to help clear stuffy noses if needed such as eucalyptus or wintergreen.

    These units last a very long time if you clean them as instructions suggests, once a month or when you notice decreased steam function. Place them in rooms or areas where you have the most prevalent static electricity. Do not put vaporizer near your central heat system as you do not want moisture causing rust issues over time plus, electricity & water does not mix well with each other. However, placing it under an air vent on the floor can be helpful & is safe.

    BTW, if you didn't know, static electricity can wreck havoc & destroy computers so keeping it under control is very important, esp if you use computers.

    Another major contributor to static electricity is carpet. You can still buy a product called Static Cling (I believe it is called) that when sprayed in rooms & on carpeted floors, helps to neutralize static electricity. To help, you can also tape or use rubber bands to attach dryer softener sheets to your feet & shoes & walk around inside over all floor areas to help neutralize the static electricity in carpets.

    One other simple tip to help control it, is to mix liquid fabric softener & water sufficient enough that it will go thru a hand sprayer & spray carpets with that. Let damp carpet dry without walking on it after spraying.

    I ripped out my carpeting thus eliminating a huge source of static electricity. Now, I only need to run a steam vaporizer 2 to 3 days a week when air is dry. My plants also enjoy the more humid air & cuts down on required misting for them & helps keep them healthy.

    Using Distilled water in vaporizers also helps keep mineral deposits minimized although tap water can be used just as well with keeping heating element cleaned properly.

    Hope this helps.