Removing Closet Maid system

I'd like to take down our Closet Maid system. Any idea on the best way to remove these brackets with minimal damage? They're not in studs but are anchored somehow into the wall. They're in there solid :-/
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  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Sep 07, 2015
    You might try drilling them out. Look into screw extractors. Yes, these don't appear to be screws, but if you drill into the "head" of the anchor, you might be able to use a screw extractor to remove it completely.
  • Z Z on Sep 07, 2015
    It's super easy. I even found a video to show you.
  • Sue La Fave-Carley Sue La Fave-Carley on Sep 08, 2015
    All you have to do it pull the nails. Then you can gently wiggle it out.
  • Faye Campbell Faye Campbell on Sep 08, 2015
    I was speculating and then watched the video link you posted Becky. Easy fix if you know how aye?
    • Z Z on Sep 08, 2015
      @Yes it is Faye. Though without that video, one could easily mess up their walls trying to pry them out.
  • All377999 All377999 on Sep 08, 2015
    Unscrew the screws, use a flat head screwdriver to lift edges of plastic wall anchor screw was in.Pull anchor out,with plyers if needed.Patch holes with wall mud
  • Kim C Kim C on Sep 08, 2015
    Those are just nail screws you can pull them out with a pliers. I just did mine. They are a nail with a textured point that secures to drywall. They only leave a small hole when pulled out.
  • Cindy Cindy on Sep 08, 2015
    I just took some of those brackets off my wall in the pantry. I took the shelf out first. Then I took a flat head screwdriver and pride out the nail far enough until I could pull it out with a pair of pliers. I'll have to say, they are a pain to take out and to hammer the nails back in. Good luck
  • LD LD on Sep 08, 2015
    I agree with Kim and Cindy on the removal process. If you plan on using a closet system, I highly recommend using the Elfa System that is sold by The Container Store, for it uses a hanging bar upon which you just hang the rest of the components from, and personal they are well worth the cost, because of the ease of installing and the sturdiness of the product.
  • Sarah C Sarah C on Sep 08, 2015
    I just took one out and despite my best effort, the walls needed to be repaired when I was done. Nothing major, but holes were filled with plaster and everything was repainted. It looks great now! I also love the elfa system - its not cheap, so be sure to wait for the sale. Its worth every penny!
  • Sarah A. Victory Sarah A. Victory on Sep 08, 2015
    Same here--some screws in the laundry were difficult. I did plaster, sand and repaint, also. Recently i used some wall repair fabric to strengthen the holes. With me any more it's just applying myself! Good luck!
  • Denise Denise on Sep 09, 2015
    The only way you MIGHT be able to get them out without damaging anything is to unscrew them, but hold your fingers around edges of screws, to help hold the Molly in place, pushing in if necessary. Just take the screws ou. Fill in with a little white toothpaste or spackle, smooth with a spackle knife/trowel, and paint. No one will notice. Good luck.
  • Jennifer Anderson Cruts Jennifer Anderson Cruts on Sep 09, 2015
    Go ahead and damage the wall. Patch the holes and dents. Prime and paint. Even closets need a fresh coat of paint sometimes. If you have never patched holes before, a closet is the perfect place to learn because it is not out where you will see it all the time.