Thin walls mean bathroom sounds are heard easily.

by Tracy
Apparently the walls between the bathroom and adjoining bedrooms in our new house are very thin. You can hear *everything*. What's the easiest way to create more of a sound barrier?
  4 answers
  • Shoshana Shoshana on Jun 07, 2017

    You can install a extractor fan that turns on automatically when the light switches on. That could help with covering up noise.

  • BabyBoomerSC BabyBoomerSC on Jun 07, 2017

    Have insulation blown into the walls. This will help alot.

  • Ginny Ginny on Jun 10, 2017

    Buy a good pair of ear plugs for yourself and guests, or try running a fan to create "white noise." I run a small floor fan all year, and it masks trash trucks, barking dogs and most everything else I don't want to hear; or, invest in a white noise machine - they have some lovely sounds.

  • Ellis Ellis on Jun 13, 2017

    There are insulation products for noise. Two I know of are Safe n Sound and Quiet Zone. You would have to open the bedroom wall to install it. There are also foams to spray into walls.