We need suggestions on how to disguise an unevenly textured ceiling.

q we need suggestions on how to disguise an unevenly textured ceiling
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  • Hea26710478 Hea26710478 on Nov 28, 2017
    You could make a faux beam to cover the area that you want.

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Nov 28, 2017
    If you are up for the mess, you can always do a light sanding, then get drywall compound and retexture. Its a little labor intensive, especially if you have tall ceilings, but not difficult.

  • Kim Markey Kim Markey on Nov 28, 2017
    I think if you get plaster of paris and paint, you can mimic the texture and blend all that in better. That would be the cheapest and easiest way to go. There is also a spray ceiling texture but it doesn't match any swirls, and you'd still have to paint it. I have a similar situation in my bathroom.

  • Wendy Wendy on Nov 29, 2017
    If you can or know someone that can help, drywall the whole ceiling. You won't be sorry. I did that in my kitchen due to the awful flaws and patchwork from previous owners..it turned out perfect. 😊

  • Har12787453 Har12787453 on Nov 29, 2017
    Plaster boards then skim

  • Christina Yates Christina Yates on Nov 29, 2017
    It would be better to replaster but if you remove the old ceiling plaster then be very careful as old plaster sometimes contains asbestos, it might be better to get professional advice, could save time and money on the long run xx

  • Gina Bellini Mccrudden Gina Bellini Mccrudden on Nov 29, 2017
    If your handy or know someone, you can buy inexpensive bead board and nail it up there and paint white. Also, at Home Depot or Lowes (near the kitchen area I believe), they sell these plastic tiles that look like the copper ones in the very old homes and I believe they are 18x18 in size. You can cut them with a good scissor and use strong industrial glue, or just nail them in place. Very easy to use and they come in copper and stainless steel look. Very nice. You can look them up online at either store first to get an idea.

  • Roxann Roxann on Nov 29, 2017
    You could also make false beams and stain them. You could do a neat square option that would cover all the flaws and look amazing

  • Kara Lukens Kara Lukens on Nov 29, 2017
    What about draping fabric over it? Something light and shear with enough of a pattern that it will hide the imperfections.

  • Carol J Nielsen Bohm Carol J Nielsen Bohm on Nov 29, 2017
    Like the ideas of faux beams or beadboard. You could also cover in tin ceiling tiles if that would go with your decor.

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Nov 29, 2017
    I'm assuming this is a wall, to which I'd suggest skimcoating it with joint compound. Get creative and design a new finish that you really like. (Light coats at first, let dry, repeat if desired....then prime and paint.) Best of luck.

  • Rosalia Rosalia on Nov 29, 2017
    We have the same issue, years of leaks and poorly done repairs and spray on popcorn ruining what was otherwise an artistic finish. Our house is 100, bound to be part of it. I used plaster of Paris mixed with premix repair compound and tried to imitate the design. I’m fairly artistic, but it really didn’t match because there are so many finishes and it is terribly uneven. We used board over a section where we removed a wall and trimmed it out. I don’t hate it, but it adds to the patchwork. So I think we are going to do what others suggested, and drywall over the whole thing, up to the coved corners and trim it out. Keep the charm of the coving but with a clean finish. So similar to what we have in the picture, just the entire ceiling. You can see easily some of mine and others repair attempts. Shy of hiring an old school plasterer, I think it may be our only feasible option.

  • MsDDub MsDDub on Nov 29, 2017
    I bet you could (reinvent the ceiling appearance) Create your OWN swirls or designs on the ceiling - I know there are brushes and paint you could ask your local Home Improvement dealer or contractor does ceilings- as a prior suggestion - there are various 'ceiling' spray paints - I am going to have to redo my 'semi popcorn' ceiling - the moths took flight and 'buried' themselves - no vacuuming nor tweezers get their decaying bodies out -

  • Grma Grma on Nov 30, 2017
    Rip up into medium size paper groceries bags then modge podge to ceiling. Then put a coat of stain. Looks like wood.