How can I fax a closet shelf that is two inches too short any ideas

Jenny Singh
by Jenny Singh
  4 answers
  • Danielle Danielle on Sep 28, 2018

    If the shelf is 2 inches too short then it wouldn't stay up at what happened, did you cut it too short on a DIY project? I suppose you could use a couple of pieces of 2x2 as the side braces and screw the shelf into them after centering it, but that will be one messy, ugly fix. I'd just have the shelf re-cut to the proper length myself.

  • Angel Baker Angel Baker on Sep 28, 2018

    This is only my opinion but if it already has the wood pieces nailed into the wall for the shelf to sit on, you could screw in another piece all around to extend it out & maybe the shelf would fit the way you'd like. If this is a project that you're doing yourself, it would probably be best to purchase another piece of wood to cut & use for your shelf. If you measure before buying your wood, Home Depot & Lowes will cut the wood for you at no extra charge. If you will have a bit of weight on your shelf & want it to be heavy duty, you could put two boards on top of each other or use 2X4's. It would probably cost more due to extra individual 2X4's but it would hold extra weight if it was going to be used for anything a bit heavier than the normal shelf items. You could also cut a piece of plywood or partical board to lay on top so nothing would get lost in the space between the boards. The natural wood color would look nice or you could paint it to match your walls or even put paper over it if you wanted more color or a design. ~ Good luck!

  • Dfm Dfm on Sep 28, 2018

    you can add the 2 inches by using wood glue and a 2 inch board. glue and clamp, wait 24 hours. should be all dry by then.

  • Jenny Singh Jenny Singh on Sep 29, 2018

    Thank you guys so much I live by myself two small kids can’t affor to buy a shelf it’s just a picece of wood I had lying around but thank you guys again really appreciate it