How do I replace the backing on bath mats?

Is there a way to reapply backing on bath mats?

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  • Janerose Janerose on Feb 15, 2019

    not sure the backing it has/had...maybe us the non skid mats you can buy that go under small throw rugs?

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    • Janerose Janerose on Feb 15, 2019

      Attaching it s/b easy enough Heavy duty dble stick tape

  • Em Em on Feb 15, 2019

    TO REPAIR: To give a bathmat or other type of area rug some traction to give it a new lease on life, flip it over and apply lines of acrylic-latex caulk every 6 inches or so. Once dry, you can safely use that rug again; the rubbery strips of caulk will hold it in place.


    Another option is an excellent product, Fiber-Lok Non-Skid Rug Backing. You may be able to find this locally, at select Staples, Joann or Walmart stores, but for sure online on Amazon. It comes in a pint, quart or gallon. As I write, Amazon prices are the most reasonable and have the added benefit of Prime shipping on the pint and quart options.

    • Jim Dalton Jim Dalton on Feb 15, 2019

      Thank you for your assist. I already tried the non-skid mat solution and if it doesn’t work I’ll try the caulking. Thanks again for the info & assist.

  • Em Em on Feb 16, 2019

    I have found the non skid mats not very helpful. There is also a HUGE difference in quality. One manufacturer has decent ones, others are no more "tacky" than a piece of newspaper.

    • Jim Dalton Jim Dalton on Feb 16, 2019

      Thanks. I have encountered the same problem with the mats in the past. I will get the caulking as a backup plan.