How to downsize a king pillow sham?

by Ray28810204

Can not purchase a queen pillow sham for my comforter so bought a king and now need to make it fit a queen size pillow.

  4 answers
  • Judith Judith on Aug 27, 2018

    Just sew three inches from the opener no side so your queen pillow fits. If the case open in the middle....see a seam along each end. The pillow will fit perfect in the middle

  • Pjt18752093 Pjt18752093 on Aug 27, 2018

    I'm assuming that you have other queen size pillow shams? I would take the king-size sham and turn it inside out and cut at the very end where it is stitched all the way across. Leave at least three eighths of an inch for the seam and then just Stitch across from corner to corner. Turn right side out and it should fit.

  • Beth Beth on Sep 01, 2018

    Hi Ray,

    I'm going to assume that there might be piping around the edges of your pillow shams or something similar that would make it difficult to simply cut it down to size and add a new seam. I'm also assuming that it's the kind of pillow sham that opens in the middle in the back, rather than from the side. If that's the case, what might work is to add a couple of decorative pleats to the front and back of the pillow case. If you find the center, fold the fabric in an inch or so on each side of the center line. Don't sew through the two layers of the shame or you'll sew it closed, but sew the pleat all the way around the middle section, if that makes sense.

  • Joan Joan on Sep 01, 2018

    take to seamstress.