piece of foundation broken off.

Jennifer R
by Jennifer R
I am building my first house and it is all framed awaiting stucco but I noticed a chunk of the top of the foundation had broken off like something had maybe banged into it. It is a chunk about 6 inches wide and about 3 inches deep and I can see some of the rebar. The builder said they would patch it and it would be good as new. Is that something to worry about? Thanks!!!
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Dec 15, 2012
    Where is the chunk missing? Can you post a photo?
  • Jennifer R Jennifer R on Dec 15, 2012
    It is at the very top where the concrete meets the wood/ stucco. I don't have a camera, but when I go over tomorrow I will try to figure out if I can take one with me phone and see if I can figure out how to send it to the computer to post. It is at the very top of the foundation. Thanks!!!
  • Without a picture it is really hard to say as there are a few rare cases where it can be an issue & require a few extra steps while in many others, a simple cosmetic fix is all that is required. If you have a good builder, then no worries as he should know the differences & will take the appropriate steps.
  • Is this the foundation or the block wall on top of the foundation? In either case, it sounds like a very minor issue. It may even have been intentionally done by one of the tradesman for future use. There are many things that penetrate the foundation/block wall such as water, sewer and gas lines. I wouldn't worry about it but it will eventually have to be packed out to help prevent critters from entering later.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Dec 16, 2012
    This sounds like some minor damage that may have happened when the forms were removed of perhaps during the back fill? considering its size a patch should do the trick.
  • I also concur with Midlantic and KMS, This is common in homes. This if done properly will blend in fine and should last. It is just important to prevent any moisture from getting down on top of the patch after it is done. So be sure that they properly seal the cement to the sill area with caulk once dry. If moisture seeps down and gets between the patch and the foundation that remains, it will cause it to fail in the future.
  • Z Z on Dec 16, 2012
    @Jennifer, once you take the picture with your cell phone you can either upload it via USB cable (most cell phones have one now that often detaches from the electrical converter plug) to your computer. If you don't have that or know how to use it then just add your email address to your contacts list and send the photo to your email. From there save the photo to your computer and then chose "Add Photos or Videos" below the reply box here at HT, find and post your photo.
  • I agree with the group, probably not a major problem as long as it is fixed.