DIY a stacked vintage-inspired step stool

Use old scrap wood for a naturally distressed look - just make sure it’s sturdy! Get tutorial here

Give an average kitchen stool an antique patina makeover

The final product is a quaint farmhouse milking stool - the perfect place to display your favorite pretty knickknacks. Get tutorial here

Make your own old fashioned country-style feed sack fabric

Turn it into upholstery, tea towels, pillow cases, a tote bag, or anything you want to give a classic touch.
Get tutorial here

Add faux antique book pages to your decor

Soak paper in tea and sprinkle with cinnamon for an authentic appearance. Get tutorial here

Get nostalgic with these faux enamel cake stands

Mix and match old baking pans, glassware, and plates for different sizes, styles, and functions. Get tutorial here

Use a heat gun to make this wood burned antiques sign

Get an aged look by layering different paints and then sanding the wood down in random places.
Get tutorial here