Remove stubborn grout stains

Scrub your stubborn grout stains with bleach-infused toilet bowl cleaner. Get tutorial here

Clean your clogged shower head

Wrap your showerhead in a bag filled with baking soda and vinegar to remove mineral deposits. Get tutorial here

Make your bathtub sparkle

Dump baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar into your tub, and let it sit for 2 hours to work its magic. Get tutorial here

Unclog your bathtub drain

Pour salt, baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water down your bathtub drain to unclog it. Get tutorial here

Deep clean your jetted tub

Scrub your tub with baking soda, and then fill it with water and vinegar to leave it sparkling clean. Get tutorial here

Whiten your dirty toilet bowl

Gather baking soda and vinegar for a natural cleaner for your toilet. Get tutorial here

Clean your shower with an extendable scrubber

Save yourself a backache by cleaning your bathtub and shower with an extendable scrubber. Get tutorial here

Rub a grapefruit on your shower door

Remove soap scum from your shower door using a grapefruit and kosher salt, leaving behind a fresh citrus scent. Get tutorial here

Make your toilet smell good

Drop fizzy bombs into your toilet to both clean it and make it smell good. Get tutorial here

Get rid of moldy grout

Clean your moldy grout with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Get tutorial here

Conquer stinky drains

Eliminate odors from your shower drain with a homemade drain freshener made with baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. Get tutorial here

Polish off hard water deposits

Saturate your sink area with vinegar and water, and then scrub the water deposits to get rid of them. Get tutorial here

Clean your toilet with hydrogen peroxide

Use hydrogen peroxide to clean your toilet from top to bottom. Get tutorial here