1. Transform an Over-the-Door Organizer

Over-the-door storage can always save space, but Hometalker Amanda C found a perfect way to use such items next to her bed too. She cut one of them in half, added grommets, and then attached them to the bed by running ribbon under the mattress. This is a simple idea that keeps bedtime reading safely stored and means your floor is clutter-free. Get tutorial here

2. Bring Crates into Play

Any regular visitor will know that Hometalkers use crates in many creative ways and this project from Rob & Courtney M is no exception. They turned three wooden crates into a storage unit by connecting them together and using products like wood stain to achieve their desired appearance. We feel this could be perfect for small bedroom organization. Get tutorial here

3. Bedroom Closet Organizer: Make the most of your Storage

It can be hard to figure out how to organize a small bedroom, but Hometalker Anni’s ideas for making the most of one closet and two dressers is truly inspirational. After a clear-out, she added baskets, cubbies, and laundry hampers to keep the closet organized. Furthermore, the addition of dividers in the dressers has also proved to be a masterstroke. Get tutorial here

4. A New Use For Dresser Drawers

While many modern bedframes come with storage underneath, Hometalker Ronja was able to create her own by making use of drawers from an old dresser. After adjusting the height of the drawers, she painted them to her desired color and added felt to the bottom so they didn't scratch the floor. A straightforward way to tackle tricky bedroom organization. Get tutorial here

5. Transform a File Cabinet

Anyone with an office job will know how much of a space-saver a file cabinet can be, but can you imagine using one for bedroom organization? This project offers great ideas on doing just that, with Hometalker Theredpaintedcottage adding chalk paint before framing the cabinet in pine boards and corrugated metal to make it a stylish addition to their guest bedroom. Get tutorial here

6. Make a Window Seat with Storage

Any parent with teenagers knows they can be demanding, and Hometalker Susan had her work cut out when her daughter wanted a more lively-looking bedroom. The results of her project are undoubtedly impressive and include some great bedroom organization ideas, including a window seat with storage and shelving from an old country store. Get tutorial here

7. Make Use of Jewelry Hangers

While this project is all about breathing new life into a ‘plain jane’ bedroom, it also offers some great tips on bedroom organization. Hometalker Tee painted one of her old dressers to match her new décor, while a custom closet has transformed a space once covered by curtains. Jewelry hangers are also a decorative and functional addition to the walls. Get tutorial here

8. Bedroom Organizer: Try Storage Towers

Hometalkers Two Make a Home wanted to create a bedroom organizer for their son and their storage towers undoubtedly fit the bill. They created the towers to go on either side of his bed and then added a shelf which runs between them. It is a great way to not only make functional storage but also utilize space at an unused height. Get tutorial here

9. Shed Light on the Situation

Bringing an ambiance to your bedroom with the right kind of lighting is always important and Hometalker Amanda C set about doing this by creating nightstands with built-in lamps. The finished article also acts as a multi-purpose bedroom organizer, as it features a surface for standing items on and a sloped area for storing your bedtime reading. Get tutorial here

10. Revamp an Entertainment Center

Old entertainment centers have a range of uses, and Hometalker Melissa Woods transformed one into a great bedroom organizer for her daughter. After repainting it, she added little touches, like covering the back of the shelving unit with wrapping paper. Finished off with a new glass door and a closet rod, the furniture undoubtedly looks the part. Get tutorial here

11. Maximize Your Storage

This project offers up some great ideas on small bedroom organization, with Hometalker Engineer Your Space installing a hanging jewelry box and 3M Command hooks to display and store her necklaces. She also revamped a bookcase by adding wallpaper to the back, installing additional small shelves, and using tension rods to create some shoe storage. Get tutorial here