1. Stick to a Light and Bright Color Scheme

Numerous studies have shown that your color scheme can have a big impact on your creativity and professional performance, which is why a light and bright palette is recommended. This beautiful pastel blue and white look has transformed the room, turning a dull and dim interior into the perfect space for these talented bloggers to work from. Get tutorial here

2. Design Custom Curtains for DIY Home Office Decor

Each part of your interior shapes the look and feel of the room around it. Because of this, we recommend incorporating bright and bold prints, in the style of Hometalker Jennifer. A great way to stimulate your mind and energize your office space, these cheerful curtains were crafted from a simple marriage of bargain-basement fabric and Peel N Stick tape. Get tutorial here

3. Add in Some Stylish Stationery Holders

The devil is in the detail, as they say, and this most definitely applies to office interiors! With all of the bits and pieces you accumulate requiring designated places to keep them, these stylish stationery holders are perfect for organizing your space. Taking a mere 15 minutes to craft, they’re made from a combination of old license plates and scrap wood.   Get tutorial here

4. Create Upcycled Storage Solutions

A cluttered office isn’t conducive to a clear and focused mind, which is why storage is an essential component in effective interior styling. Luckily, Hometalker Sadie had this amazing idea. Made from an old wire kitchen rack and reclaimed wood, and tidied up with a lick of paint, she managed to design a chic and stylish solution. Get tutorial here

5. Make a Place for Your Magazines

A lot of office space tends to get eaten up by piles of important papers and magazines, which is why it’s time to make your excess clutter disappear! Follow in the footsteps of these talented Hometalkers by creating a specially designed document holder, using just cereal boxes and some pretty fabric.   Get tutorial here

6. Erect Square Shelves for Extra Space

If you find that you’re running low on space, another clever storage option is to add some shelves. These are a great way to take advantage of bare and empty walls, and the ones pictured here cost just $60 to complete and took only an hour from start to finish!  Get tutorial here

7. Make a Magnetic Memo Board from a Cookie Sheet

Every good office should come complete with reminders to help you organize your day, so a magnetic memo board can be very handy! And, as this Hometalker demonstrates, you can make one from scratch, using nothing more than a cookie sheet. Rather than tossing your old ones in the trash, transform them with a fresh coat of paint and a swatch of vintage fabric instead.  Get tutorial here

8. Add Art for On-trend Home Office Wall Decor

While your office space ought to be practical and functional, it also needs to nurture your creativity and intellect, so pretty artwork is just the ticket. Helping to create a pleasant and vibrant space, it can be created on a budget using old, unloved prints and a little imagination àla Hometalker Christie, who spent just $3 to create this gorgeous look.   Get tutorial here

9. Inject a Little Rustic Charm

The perfect office space should reflect your personality, so it’s always nice to add in a few niche and quirky accessories. These cleverly designed rustic signs are a perfect example, adding a cool and unique element to the surrounding space. Not only that, but they double as a handy storage solution too, and also cost next to nothing to make.  Get tutorial here

10. Craft Your Own Style

Lots of offices are sterile and uninspiring, and this does little to get your creative juices flowing. A more effective approach is to create a space you feel comfortable in, which means adding your own unique style to your design and decor. Hometalker Amy shows exactly how it’s done, with her gorgeously girly pink and green craft room.   Get tutorial here

11. Go for Rustic Relaxation

When it comes to creating the perfect office space, try to focus on crafting a room that relaxes you (albeit not too much). An overworked and overstressed brain is likely to be much less productive, so draw your inspiration from this beautiful rustic study lounge created by Hydrangea Home. It’s cozy, comfortable, and didn’t cost too much to create!   Get tutorial here

12. Make Use of Wood and Natural Light

Hometalker Dara is another DIY expert who’s made use of wood to create a warm and welcoming interior. Taking full advantage of the fact she lives in a log cabin, she’s utilized her home’s inbuilt features, along with color-coordinated accessories, to create a look that’s bright, beautiful, and enhances the abundance of natural light.   Get tutorial here

13. Create a Foldaway Office for Small Interiors

If you’re in need of a home office but don’t actually have a designated space, this Hometalker has come up with a truly ingenious solution. Purchasing a wooden unit from Craigslist for $45, she added a coat of white paint, removed the drawers so her computer equipment could fit inside, and created her very own foldaway workspace – a perfect solution for smaller homes. Get tutorial here

14. Make the Most of Your Extra Space

Another option for those with limited space is to take advantage of any nooks and crannies in your home, as this clever Hometalker did. Repurposing a small niche that led off their master bedroom, she turned this neat little area into a home office for her husband – and spent just $257 in the process, thanks to upcycling and the odd coat of paint. Get tutorial here