Can you put empty water bottles in the large pots where I plant gerani

by Gra30770760
I plant geraniums in big pots every year. The pots are heavy because I use so much potting soil. I read somewhere that I can put some empty water bottles in the soil to make the pots lighter. How many should I use and will this work? I don’t want this to interfere with the growing process.
Thank you.

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  • Ste32265684 Ste32265684 on Apr 27, 2018

    thats a great idea. Or put an empty planter inside that one. But upside down

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 27, 2018

    yes ,you can use plastic bottles in the bottom then put a piece of landscape fabric in and fill the balance with soil.I have done this and saves on the soil cost

  • Katz Goodwin Katz Goodwin on Apr 28, 2018

    Fill your pots half full of mulch then add your dirt and plants. Much lighter to haul around and keeps moisture in so that you don't have to water as often. S.Goodwin ---NC


    I have used packing peanuts for years. I put 2 layers of weed barrier fabric on top of the peanuts, then add soil and plants.

    ** Another situation: I received a beautiful crock about 24" high & wanted to put flowers in it. I bought a cascading hanging plant, which fit nicely, but was too short. I took 5 2-liter soda bottles & cut off the tops, put them inside the crock as a platform to raise the basket to the right height so when I put it together, it was perfect. Last step was to remove the plastic hook & the 3 arms that were clipped to the pot. It was beautiful.