Old red gas can from the 60s -- any ideas?

I found my Dad's old red gas can from tbe 60s in my shed. I'd like to freshen it up, keep it from rusting & possibly give it a new use or just as a decoration for my front porch. Any ideas?!!??
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 28, 2016
    Could you post a photo?

  • Pallet Man Pallet Man on Dec 01, 2016
    Old Gerry Cans have collector value, especially if they have military insignia and even more if they do not leak. You can check for leaks by pouring a cup of gasoline in it and slosh it around to all of the bottom seams and watching for any leaks. Using it as a front yard decoration might get it stolen. Before you repaint it, check to see if it is original military issue. Don't devalue it by repainting it until you know.

  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Dec 03, 2016
    At a guess you probably have the small gas can like my grandfather had to use for lawn mower. 1-2, sometimes 5 gallon size. You will have to wash the outside to get rid of any residue of gas and oil. Sand off rougher rust spots. Use rustoleum paint to protect, maybe 2 coats. You might be able to fit a small flower pot in the top opening.

  • K bain K bain on Jan 03, 2017
    How about akin it into a cool lamp tor your front porch Just clean it up but keep the patina the way it is now.

  • Rebekah Morgan Rebekah Morgan on Jan 03, 2017
    Turn it into a super cool lam?!

  • Rod8033982 Rod8033982 on Jan 04, 2017
    wipe down with mild detergent allow to dry, then cover with liquid neutral wax include the bottom and the seals. should you wish to sell at a later date they command a much higher price with no ,restoration