Only one of these, not sure what to do with it cannot be easliy welded

It is cast iron and old and I don't really want the trouble of making another to match. Any ideas on uses ? Anyone? There is a rectangular hole in top.
q only one of these not sure what to do with it cannot be easliy welded, crafts, repurposing upcycling, rustic furniture
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  • Gabriel Goh Ming Loong Gabriel Goh Ming Loong on May 03, 2015
    If you can drill a couple of holes on the base, mount it on a wall for a shelf??

    • Chris L Chris L on May 06, 2015
      @Gabriel Goh Ming Leong I is very heavy so I struggle to think how I could mount like this it would look good I agree

  • Cathy Cathy on May 03, 2015
    its the begining of a raging bull?

  • Cathy Cathy on May 03, 2015
    just imagine the bull in the warner bros cartoons

    • Chris L Chris L on May 06, 2015
      @Cathy hi I agree I have already had my wife tell me she doesn't want it looking like we belong to some bull worshiping cult so this idea might be out

  • Kackie3 Kackie3 on May 03, 2015
    I would use it as the front legs on a table, using two black pipe legs in the back. It's really cool and worth using.

    • Chris L Chris L on May 06, 2015
      @Kackie3 my wife is a symmetry person that would dive her nuts it would be fantastic wouldn't it maybe I have to forge another one

  • Eileen Eileen on May 03, 2015
    My first thought was to mount it on a wall and hang dried herbs, flowers, whatever from the center bar. If it is too big for interior, mount it on a board and use it as a boot scraper? have fun and enjoy!

  • Jackie coles Jackie coles on May 04, 2015
    Hang it in the bathroom for a hand towel rack

    • Chris L Chris L on May 06, 2015
      @Jackie coles yes the bent bar would be great just to heavy I think

  • CK CK on May 05, 2015
    I'd just use it for garden art....

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    • CK CK on May 06, 2015
      @Chris L Yup! Go simple and enjoy the 'design' on its own. :-) Sometimes there are things that need to be left 'as is' rather than trying to 'upcycle', repurpose, etc. My sister in law has all kinds of found iron and metal objects interspersed in her garden and it's really cool! She lives in the country so it works very nicely.

  • Ilona Elliott Ilona Elliott on May 06, 2015
    turn it upside down and use it as a base for a trough planter or a window box type planter. You could secure it to a heavy plywood base through the square hole if you needed more stability.

    • Chris L Chris L on May 06, 2015
      @Ilona Elliott never thought of that I will mull over that it could just work

  • Teri Teri on May 08, 2015
    I would create a windchime out of it and hang in a tree. Im sure you could find other crafty crap to hang from it. It's very cool.