Ideas of what I can do with this great find

I saw this and had to have it. It's very heavy, I don't know what it was before. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
q repurposing ideas for a cylindrical basket with a lid, repurposing upcycling, Heavy metal about 18 x 16 x 12
Heavy metal, about 18" x 16" x 12"
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  • Chatty Larson Chatty Larson on Jun 06, 2015
    I love it !!! Weave the tiny lights in it & hang it in the yard.

  • Tamara Goetten Tamara Goetten on Jun 07, 2015
    use the base as a planter and hang the top on the wall and wire a brass or copper plate in the center as a focal point. That way in your room the pieces would be cohesive.

  • put a plastic plant saucer in the bottom and use it to hold you wet boots and umbrellas while they dry on a porch.

  • Meredith Meredith on Jun 07, 2015
    Attach a strap or rope inside add a pretty scarf - summer bag. Assuming it's not oversize

  • Terry Terry on Jun 07, 2015
    i think i would altered it into a fairy house..

  • Connie Phillips Connie Phillips on Jun 07, 2015
    put a string of twinkle lights in it for an outdoor latern

  • Mollie Hoff Mollie Hoff on Jun 07, 2015
    Remove the lid. Turn it upside down. Take a three light (small) chandelier from one of those old ugly brass light fixtures. Paint all to match, hang in bathroom over your tub, in your laundry room, over your dinette, or in a little girl's room. Paint according to the room you place it. As is, IF it closes well and if you place rubberized cushions on the bottom to add stability; you can add a round glass top to use as an end table outdoors or inside.

  • Lindy Lindy on Jun 07, 2015
    You said it was very heavy so that cuts out the purse idea. How big is this? That would help with thinking up an idea as to how to repurpose.

  • Barb Fraser Barb Fraser on Jun 07, 2015
    Put the same colored large flower pot inside and plant morning glory' it in a rock garden, so the flowers can trail into the rocks. I can see it !! :)

  • Cynthia Nye Cynthia Nye on Jun 07, 2015
    Keep it simple, the basket is already ornate. Paint it to match decor, multiple candles inside (in clear holders), maybe an silk ivy "boa" (can't think of the word) around the bottom = beautiful patio table centerpiece. Great find! :-)

  • Joyce Joyce on Jun 07, 2015
    how about removing lid, cover with round wood, acrylic, etc. for use as an end table?

  • WB WB on Jun 07, 2015
    Beautiful the way it a nice inside material and use it as storage in any room.

  • Donna Gadbaw Mitchell Donna Gadbaw Mitchell on Jun 07, 2015
    Make it into a light. Put LED lights inside.

  • Pam Lindau Pam Lindau on Jun 07, 2015
    Lamp base?

  • Meaganlhd Meaganlhd on Jun 07, 2015
    It is lovely! Depending on your decor, you could line it with a removable cloth bag and use it as a towel hamper in your bathroom.

  • Julie Harrison Julie Harrison on Jun 07, 2015
    so nice see through- candles in it in a glass bowl, keep the lid on for safety, look great as is, inside or out- that is if there is no rust on it- or you could ship[ it to me I love it

  • Melanie Fowler Gross Melanie Fowler Gross on Jun 07, 2015
    I'd find a glass that would fit, put a candle in it (battery operated) surrounded by your vase filler of choice ( potpourri, shells, decorative balls, etc.) and set it on an entry table or bathroom vanity in a table scape

  • Tris Smith Tris Smith on Jun 07, 2015
    Yarn holder or turn it into a hanging light fixture.

  • Charlie Charlie on Jun 07, 2015
    A few big candles. hang it add a dowel perch, put a couple of colourful life like birds in it. garbage can large clear glass balls that would reflect the light and give a rainbow effect. Keep but open lid, then use as a planter, with a pot inside. Paint pot same colour as bin.

  • Donna weahunt Donna weahunt on Jun 07, 2015
    Make it into a chandlier light fixture with all crystal and glass beads. Beautiful for bedroom or even bathroom.

  • Mimi Haywood Mimi Haywood on Jun 07, 2015
    I would be using it to hold a plant after lining it with moss or even coco fiber. Would put a plant saucer for catching excess water so as to not let bottem get wet.

  • Mary Friedline Mary Friedline on Jun 07, 2015
    I think I would find a piece of glass to make the top, the put battery operated Christmas lights ( white or colored ) and use it as a coffee table.

  • Brandy Kirlin Brandy Kirlin on Jun 07, 2015
    I get Moroccan vibes, make it a table. Stenciled and stained round wood top. Repaint the base whatever color you like, I could see it being equally pretty in a bright or a neutral color.

  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Jun 07, 2015
    I would go with solar lighting and make a porch chandolier out of it, it's really a wonderful find, how large is it? I would definately light it up and enjoy those details.

  • Diane Nuckolls Diane Nuckolls on Jun 07, 2015
    you could use it as a side table outside. put lights in it to luminate the patio. use it as a plant stand for a fern. also light it up.

  • Ter890249 Ter890249 on Jun 07, 2015
    If the top is attachable I would make it a hanging lamp. It's beautiful.

  • Mary Kuhn Mary Kuhn on Jun 07, 2015
    Use as a plant cover up for a large plant pot. Inside of house, palm maybe.

  • Maggie Huffman Maggie Huffman on Jun 07, 2015
    If you can find a bucket/container to fit, it could be a unique addition to your bar...perhaps to hold ice...or snacks for casual get togethers...a lucky find for you!

  • Nan Nan on Jun 07, 2015
    If it is sturdy enough, cover it with upholstery and use as an ottoman.

  • Nan Nan on Jun 07, 2015
    Use it as an end table in your living room.

  • Inetia Inetia on Jun 07, 2015
    Fill it with string lights and hang it.

  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Jun 07, 2015
    Treat it the same way you would a wreath form. Place it by the door, either on the floor or on a table, or let it BE a table to hold another decorative item. It's versatile enough to lead many lives.

  • Lindy Lindy on Jun 07, 2015
    It seems to cast beautiful shadows in the sunlight so if you filled it with solar powered "fairy lights" (I've seen them on line for maybe $20-$25) it would be lovely at night. If its rattan maybe under a covered patio? Too pretty to cover up-maybe a specialty cut glass top for indoor use with a lovely floral arrangement on top.

  • Linda Fraser Linda Fraser on Jun 07, 2015
    I would double duty it. I would find a container that would fit inside with at lease 1 1/2 inch room between it and sides of cage. I would will the space with white lights. That would showcase the beautiful scroll work. Inside the insert container you could fill with whatever you need in the room but don't want sitting out in the open when not n use. Remote, crochet, etc.

  • Amy Amy on Jun 07, 2015
    I think it would be great to cover the top and use it as a foot stool!! You can spray paint it any color.

  • Heliane Ripley Heliane Ripley on Jun 07, 2015
    Is it wicker or cast iron ?

  • Sherry Fram Sherry Fram on Jun 07, 2015
    Put a hurricane vase inside and put in a candle, the shadows will be so pretty!

  • Vicki Vicki on Jun 07, 2015
    succulents/spag moss nside would look awesum..a real show piece...

  • Kaioverbeck Kaioverbeck on Jun 07, 2015
    Use it as a accent piece in your bath with towels in it

  • Karen Karen on Jun 07, 2015
    A strand of clear Christmas lights inside

  • Gail Gail on Jun 07, 2015
    Flameless candle with sphagnum moss

  • Cindy Cindy on Jun 07, 2015
    Put a small trash can in it for the bedroom or bathroom

  • Put a piece of glass on the top. and use as a side table. Glass tops are cheap at hobby lobby and goodwill.

  • Lynn Lodge Lynn Lodge on Jun 07, 2015
    Put a nice colored material sack in it and use it in your bedroom as a hamper

  • Linda Fraser Linda Fraser on Jun 07, 2015
    please take a pic and tell us what you ended up doing with it

  • Jenny Jenny on Jun 07, 2015
    Place a shallow planter with a Mandeville vine or ivy. Train the vine to go through the grooves.

  • Marjo Marjo on Jun 08, 2015
    Make it into a unique hanging light fixture.

  • Ande Ande on Jun 08, 2015
    Store your garden hose in it.

  • Tonya Tonya on Jun 08, 2015
    It sure is beautiful. Use a candle or small light, just to high light the intricate designs.

  • Hilary Janin Hilary Janin on Jun 08, 2015
    Use a $1 solar light inside and a cushion on top and hey presto another seat for the garden.

  • Cyndijdalton Cyndijdalton on Jun 08, 2015
    I found an old lamp stand at goodwill and hung a birdcage on it added a candle and placed it in my yard. It looks awesome. I spray painted a clear coat over the whole thing, and add and remove the candle when using. We took rebar (any hardware store should have this) and placed it through the bottom of the lamp stand so it stays in place.

  • Debbie Debbie on Jun 08, 2015
    I have several ideas..Spray paint it a color that goes with your theme around your pool and store beach towels in it for when company comes. or buy a round trash that can sit inside it and spray paint it and put in as a decorative trash can. Or put a large flower pot in it with beautiful flowers growing and add a string of lights in it. You could maybe put a glass top if not to heavy for it and make a very cool side table and but flowers in the bottom. I don't think it is strong enough for a seat... but storage would be great.

  • Kvinson Kvinson on Jun 08, 2015
    I think that is so cute! You said it's heavy, I wonder if it would look really neat attached to an old bicycle as the bike's basket? It has a lot of charm! I love the idea of making it into a seat for outside or in. You could fill it with some decorative balls from Hobby Lobby and make a great centerpiece..great conversation piece! Please post if you know what it's and where it's from (era)! Ty

  • Kvinson Kvinson on Jun 08, 2015
    Sorry, know what it is...*

  • Victoria Victoria on Jun 08, 2015
    It looks like it's made with wrought iron....too good to leave out near a pool, in my opinion! I'd use it as extra cushion storage in the LR or BR...

  • Janice cox Janice cox on Jun 08, 2015
    put a round piece of glass on top and use it as a coffee table. Could paint to match ass. in the room.

    • Lindy Lindy on Jun 09, 2015
      @Janice cox Sorry, can't help myself sometimes. Who is the ass in the room you want to match? LOL -accessories?

  • Vicki Vicki on Jun 09, 2015
    its a statement piece without doin a thing to it....cheers

  • Bev1359113 Bev1359113 on Jun 10, 2015
    cannot tell what size it is from photo. i would agree with making a statement piece indoors.

  • Gabrielle Gidley Gabrielle Gidley on Jun 11, 2015
    I would line it in a dark color and then make a bar out of it....add a spot in side for the wines and bottles and then an area for the glasses. You can also see if you can lock it.

  • Kelly S Kelly S on Jun 11, 2015
    I would use it to hold extra pillows or as a magazine rack in the living room just as it is.

  • Daniele Daniele on Jun 14, 2015
    I like it the way it is. Maybe paint it a color you like and use it as a planter or outside light, lamp

  • Nancy Hatcher Nancy Hatcher on Jun 16, 2015
    You could run a ribbon in your favorite color through the top & bottom of the basket part. Then you could get some silk flowers to match and either put them on the bottom or wrap the shortened stem in the ribbon and hang from the lid. I just realized you have 64 comments so you should have enough ideas to make your head spin ;-}!

  • Nancy Hatcher Nancy Hatcher on Jun 16, 2015
    One other idea........I could take it off your hands! I love your find!

  • Vicki Vicki on Jun 17, 2015
    yes i wonder how much to post to new zealand i said b4 its a statement piece just how it is....enjoy

  • N. Susan Hart N. Susan Hart on Jul 14, 2015
    It might have been a bird cage.