Asked on Nov 16, 2013

What to do with a vintage fox fur wrap from the 1940's

by Jane
Well here's a problem I haven't seen before but is totally legit. I inherited a real fox fur wrap from my grandmother...from what I remember back in the 1940's and 50's women who couldn't afford mink coats bought them and attached them like scarves around the collars of their cloth coats. As a kid I thought it was a bit creepy to see my beautiful grandmother with this fox skin draped around her neck but it was part of the fashion of the time and she was so proud to own it. After grandma died my family didn't know what to do with it (none of us are into wearing real fur and wouldn't wear it anyway). No one could agree on what to do with it so as the crafty cousin in the group I was elected (more accurately ambushed) into being the 'keeper of the fox'.
HELP! I need suggestions about what to do or how to use this fur...I'll take any and all suggestions...I just can't toss it. I offered it to a theater group costumer but she acted like I lost my mind for even suggesting that they take it! I thought it would be good for period pieces. I guess I was wrong.
Grandma was a wonderful and powerful influence in all of our lives and was wise, strong, compassionate, fair, kind and had a wicked sense of humor. Her only failing that I can see was her steadfast attachment to this fur fox! I am sure she is giggling from above about my dilemma in dealing with it's disposal. If anyone has ANY suggestions for either finding a home or a use for this fur wrap I would really appreciate it!
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  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Nov 17, 2013
    No search results.Jane, you could bury it in the backyard with a very nice grave marker lmbo i agree with you they were creepy xx
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Chris aka monkey I had to laugh when I read your comment because that was my first thought! Thank you for taking the time to respond and offer a solution to a strange question.
  • Stacey B Stacey B on Nov 17, 2013
    I am in the same situation! Too funny! I have my grandmother's old fox collar in my closet with no clue what to do with it either. Thought about incorporating it into a throw pillow somehow but then, I am certainly not that skilled on a sewing machine. Please share what you come up with.
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Stacey B will do...apparently we are not the only ones that have this dilemma. Hope we both can benefit from the suggestions of others. Thanks for sharing!
  • DonnaMarie Lori Smith DonnaMarie Lori Smith on Nov 17, 2013
    Okay well I am know to be bold and brassy. I am 52 and I would wear it. If anyone has one they want to get rid of and know that it would be loved treasured and worn I will pay shipping to send it to me. LoL I had one that was my grandmothers and also my Momma's but lost them both in a house fire about 5 years back. So, like I said if you want to get rid of them email me
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @DonnaMarie Lori Smith I am going to take a few days to mull over all the suggestions but I think I am leaning towards gifting it to someone who would love and treasure this as much as Grandma did. I LOVE that you would wear it. I know nothing about fur so I don't even know if it is in any condition to wear at this point. I will be in touch either way within a week. Hope that is acceptable.
  • GrandmaCarol Speight GrandmaCarol Speight on Nov 17, 2013
    My suggestion is that you have it mounted in a "vac'd sealed boxed frame" along with a few other treasures belonging to and for sure a picture of your grandmother. and display it somewhere in your home! You and your family could also share Grannie in that she could be sent for "visits" to their homes through out the year. These "delivery pass-along times" would be a great time to reflect on Grannie and great memories she left each of you with.Believe me, I am NOT bent and twisted.....I would give anything to have something belonging to either of my Grandmothers.
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    • GrandmaCarol Speight GrandmaCarol Speight on Nov 18, 2013
      @Jane I had a whole message typed right down to about the last 5 words and the cyber thing that eats all well thought out replies grabbed it and ran! Bottom are very welcome and your Grannie would be sooo proud of what you just may eventually achieve with her "Fox"!
  • I agree with Grandma Carol. A display box is more fitting. Especially if you have a photo of her wearing it included.
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Robin Thanks...I like the idea of adding the photo and maybe writing up a memory. Appreciate your help.
  • Lisa Lisa on Nov 17, 2013
    My Mom-In-Law inherited one from her Mom-in-Law that was damaged a bit. She had it made into two teddy bears, one for my husband and one for his sister. It makes a nice heirloom...
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Lisa What a unique idea...I can't imagine this skinny little fox fur would have enough hide to make one let alone two teddy bears but the idea is intriguing! Thank you for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it.
  • Robyn Robyn on Nov 18, 2013
    I have the answer!! I had inherited my grandmother's stole, complete with her initials in the lining. I heard about a company here in Florida called "Reminkie" who take the fur and make teddy bears from them! I had two made, one for my mother and one for my sister for Christmas! They even put parts of the monogram on each of the paws! My mother and sister were thrilled to have our Nana's stole in reworked into a very special teddy! I don't know if they are still around, but I think someone must be doing this.
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Robyn I am amazed at the creativity of people. It would never have occurred to me that making teddy bears out of a fox wrap was possible. Teddy bears are a whole lot easier to look at than a fox pelt! Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  • Glenna Williams Glenna Williams on Nov 18, 2013
    I like the shadow box idea. I know you can make bears out of furs and many do or maybe in your case a fox, but having restyled a few of them in my days, if the hide is not in good shape you will be so frustrated trying to sew it as sewing fur is not sewing a seam. It is not like the fake stuff. And if it was your grand mothers I know it has been lying around for a while and fur needs to be stored at a certain temperature to keep the hides pliable. I am telling you this not to tell you what to do but to let you know what you might run into. I had a customer who wanted me to refashion some of hers onto the neck line of a couple of sweaters but without the tail and feet, well I nearly died.... I had to wear gloves for that one... but then I covered a belt for my son with rattlesnake skin that he killed and tanned for a Garth Brooks concert.... I wore gloves then also... creepy. Well I am getting long winded.. hope this helps. Glenna
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Glenna Williams hey fellow Tarheel...I have spent many a day in your neck of the woods! Thanks for your response to my dilemma and the information you provided about working with pelts. I'm like you I feel a little (oh heck a lot) creepy about touching dead animal skins. I have to wear gloves when I touch 'the fox' so I keep the handling and touching of it to an as needed only basis! Despite your feelings it sounds like you have had some interesting dead animal experiences. I think you are a lot more adventurous than me...I would not have been able to be in the same room with the snake even though it was dead and tanned so you know I would never have been able to cover a belt with it! You go girl! I enjoyed your post and thanks again.
  • Sally Sally on Nov 18, 2013
    This a completely different idea I saw years ago. I saw someone would make teddy bears out of family furs to be passed down through generations. A family memento with a history
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Sally Thank you for responding...I wish my grandma's fox wrap was a coat or stole because there would be enough material to make that teddy bear...that is such a great idea. Unfortunately this is a skinny little fox pelt that barely covers a coat collar. I appreciate your taking the time to help. Thanks.
  • Glenna Williams Glenna Williams on Nov 18, 2013
    What we will do for our children is just unreal, no one could have paid me to do that snakeskin belt for them, that is for sure, now having said that it fooled me, it was soft and very pliable so he did a good job and trust me I have saved what was left in a little box for him when I am gone with his name on it and a note from mama!!! Nice talking to a North Carolina native....
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Glenna Williams Read your reply and I am smiling...Love the 'gift' from mama idea!
  • Debbie Harris Debbie Harris on Nov 18, 2013
    Jane... from one "crafty" person to another... I hear you about the size of your fox! And if you can't make a bear, and don't want it forever hanging on your wall, and just can't bear to cut it into something else just donate it and take a tax write-off. Furs have to be treated right or they fall apart. Again only if you don't want to cut it up... donate it. But... There are a million things you can do with any size piece of fur. 1. trim Christmas stockings. 2. add fur trim to heirloom doll clothes for kids or grand children. 3. Pillow trim. 4. 3 dimensional framed art pieces. etc, etc ...Just look at how important it is to you and decide.
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Debbie Harris Thank you for the thoughtful suggestions. I have had so many kind responses to my query that I am going to take a few days to think about what to do. All of you have been so very helpful. I appreciate your taking the time to help me.
  • Therese Ryan-Haas Therese Ryan-Haas on Nov 18, 2013
    I had a friend's mother who would do busts from clay on commission. They would give her glasses or hats to give it that persons personality. You could have a local artist do one up for you from a picture and put the stole on its shoulders.
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Therese Ryan-Haas What a very unique suggestion and I am sure grandma would love it!. She would think it is a hoot! Not sure I have the budget to commission a sculpted piece right now it but I actually like the idea. Thanks so much.
  • GrandmaCarol Speight GrandmaCarol Speight on Nov 18, 2013
    I had a whole message typed right down to about the last 5 words and the "cyber-jerk-that-eats- all-well-thought-out-replies" grabbed and ran! Bottom are very welcome and your Grannie would be sooo proud of what you just may eventually achieve with her "Fox"!
  • Txvoodoo Txvoodoo on Nov 18, 2013
    I vote for the shadowbox idea. I've worked with furs, and older ones are very delicate and difficult to sew. Box it up, maybe with a few other things from your gran, like a piece of jewelry, and a photo.
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    • Diann Diann on Nov 19, 2013
      @Txvoodoo What a treasure.
  • Michelle Michelle on Nov 18, 2013
    I've seen people making pillows out of old furs, if you dont have enough maybe trying to find another old fur and combining the two, like putting your grandmothers fur in the center ? I also went to a christmas store this week-end and they had reindeer with a fur collars, it was SOOO cute! Or what about a christmas wreath made with the wrap? That would be very unique decorated with feathers and woodsy decorations.
    • Jane Jane on Nov 18, 2013
      @Michelle Wow! terrific ideas...Christmas was grandma's absolute favorite holiday and I like the idea of somehow incorporating something of hers in the holiday. My mom and I love the wreath idea...thanks so much!
  • Robyn Robyn on Nov 18, 2013
    Hi Jane! So glad you like the idea, and I googled "Reminkie", and sure enough, they're thriving!! It's not cheap, but to have that precious fur in teddy bear form is wonderful! Good luck with it!
  • Cyndy B Cyndy B on Nov 19, 2013
    Jane, I can't add anything to the wonderful suggestions that must be just about filling your head by now! But I do want to add my best wishes for you to come up with a special use for a reminder of your beloved grandmother. I will tell you that I had teddy bears made our mom's blouses for all eight of us siblings several years after her death. I'm happy to say they are still treasured by all of us, even the big tough guys! Not to be pushy, but do please update us here about your decision, perhaps with a photo too? This has been a wonderful discussion to read. Best of luck to you!
    • Jane Jane on Nov 19, 2013
      @Cyndy B Thank you for your kind wishes...I never expected to get so many wonderful and thoughtful suggestions...people have been very kind to share their ideas as well as the stories behind them. It has been a terrific and enlightening experience.
  • Margaret Schaff Margaret Schaff on Apr 16, 2020

    You have no idea what you have and even the idea of wearing fake is sickening to. I know yours is real. Treasure it.