What to do with Old mailbox ?

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  • Em Em on Sep 06, 2018

    Sit on top of old ladder or tree stump and add a planter with a hanging vine with the door open.

  • Ann Ann on Sep 06, 2018

    I sat mine on a pedestal and use it for tools, clippers gloves etc

  • Do you have a picture, so we can see what you have.?

  • John McClendon John McClendon on Sep 06, 2018

    Thanks those are good ideas!

  • Sheryl Gilliland Sheryl Gilliland on Sep 07, 2018

    If it is a front opening box and cleaned and prettied up , it can be used as, bag holder, pet care items like the brushes, clippers, nail care, or indoor mail holder, both outgoing or incoming, stationary and stamps and pen holder, you get the idea. My favorite was a leave a message box at the front door. On the side was written

    " I am sorry we are not available to open door right now, please leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. remember to raise flag."

  • Gnomegirl Gnomegirl on Sep 07, 2018

    I have two old mailboxes. They are mounted on wood 2x4's. One is used for a planter with flowers / plants cascading down. I added a metal arm to one side & hung a garden flag on it. The other is storage for my granddaughters outside items ..I put her sidewalk chalk, jumprope, & bubbles inside.