Adding Fabric to roller blinds?

Has anyone successfully applied fabric to roller blinds? What type of glue?
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  • Robin H Robin H on Apr 26, 2014
    I know I've seen 'kits' for doing that, but they're almost more costly than seems reasonable to me. If you do find an answer, definitely post it for us with picture results! I've always wanted fabric roller shades! Good luck!!

  • Emma Taylor Emma Taylor on Apr 26, 2014
    I haven't done this yet, but I suggest a spray adhesive. I'm sure there are tutorials online if you search.

  • Alice Shockley Alice Shockley on Apr 26, 2014
    Why not just take the vinyl blind off and staple the fabric directly to the roller? I'd think you could finish the edges by hemming or using fusible hem tape.

  • Chris Chris on Apr 27, 2014
    Thanks for the help! Our community requires that the outside of the blind be white, so I was trying to save a step by using a white blind, eliminating the need for lining.

  • Patty Patty on Apr 29, 2014
    I had a good friend that did this. She unrolled the shade then measured her material, and cut it one quarter inch beyond the shade then sewed a one quarter inch hem all around. Then she stitched it to the blind. Everything was done on the machine and only took minutes to do. I have been thinking of doing the same thing.

  • Cynthia Starnes Griffin Cynthia Starnes Griffin on Oct 21, 2015
    My mother did this years ago, (30 or more) by using diluted Elmers glue. She just unrolled the shade, used a paint brush to spread the glue, then laid the fabric down, keeping the selvedge edge along one edge of the shade, and smoothed it out with a library card! After the glue was dry, she trimmed the excess fabric with a razor blade.

  • Patsy Kenny Patsy Kenny on Mar 01, 2016
    Help needed I have roller blinds badly stained ..don't know what to do can't afford to replace them ..Any ideas please ...really appreciated