Asked on Dec 23, 2011

Can I drill into a vinyl window frame to hang blinds?

Andrew S
by Andrew S
I want to hang blinds on the center window in a three-window window seat. There's no wall on either side of the window - just the other window frames. The top of the window frame is flush with the ceiling so the only other option is to hang the blinds from the ceiling which seems less than optimal.
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  • Nip Tuck Remodeling Nip Tuck Remodeling on Dec 23, 2011
    Do you have a picture you can upload? I would not encourage you to drill into anything that is actually considered a component of the window as it will likely void your warranty. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • 3po3 3po3 on Dec 23, 2011
    Agreed. There are blinds that mount to the ceiling, and that could look good if that's your choice.
  • Andrew S Andrew S on Dec 23, 2011
    Well there's no warranty so that's not a problem. Let me know if this pic works. Thanks!
  • 3po3 3po3 on Dec 24, 2011
    That does help. I was having trouble picturing what we were talking about. I think you want to avoid drilling into the vinyl frame. Those frames are not really solid. I'm not sure they can support the weight of the blinds. Also, you will be allowing some unnecessary heat transfer and wasting energy. As an alternative, you might look into something like this: Otherwise, I think you are right that the ceiling is maybe your only other option, but this is done regularly and should look fine. I used to work in Pleasanton at the ANG Newspaper office out by the BART station. Love the old downtown area in Pleasanton. Great little town. Cheers.
  • You must be careful when doing this. Many manufactures of windows utilize that area for spring balances and any drilling or screws may interfere with the operation of the window. Although I doubt the window pictured has this kind of balance system, you need to check where the balance is located and be sure not to drill into that area.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Dec 24, 2011
    Another option would be to apply a piece of "trim" to the face of these surfaces that the blinds can be attached to. A simple strip of MDF that is epoxied along the top ( to the window frame and ceiling) could be painted white to blend in...then the blinds mounted with regular screws to that.
  • 3po3 3po3 on Dec 24, 2011
    KMS, you're brilliant. I didn't think of that.
  • Andrew S Andrew S on Dec 24, 2011
    Thanks for all of the feedback! Re the trim/epoxy trick. How thick would the trim need to be? Is it the kind of thing that will need to be redone every year or so to keep the bond strong?
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Dec 25, 2011
    Andrew...a basic piece of MDF is about a 5/8" thick and would be plenty. Its a little hard for me to tell from the pic but it kind of looks like there is a bumped out "strip" of dry wall along the very that so? This new "trim" could be rabbeted to fit over that if it is kind of thin...or have the new trim but up to it. When the trim is installed allow it to cure properly before the blinds are hung. Instead of epoxy some heavy duty construction adhesive could also be used.....a polyurathane type
  • Andrew S Andrew S on Dec 26, 2011
    THanks a lot KMS. I am realized right above the sheetrock above the window there's a piece of wood. I am thinking that attaching the brackets to this wood might be the best option.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Dec 26, 2011
    that my provide the answer...most blinds are not that heavy where they need attachments that you can swing from...
  • What? You do not swing from your blinds in the windows. You must be getting old! Or your parties are not like they once were my friend..
  • Andrew S Andrew S on Dec 26, 2011
    I guarantee at some point one of my kids will be swinging from them. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  • We do not recommend doing that. It could void your warranty with your windows..
  • Andrew S Andrew S on Feb 15, 2012
    Thanks. As I said above there is no warranty so not a big deal. In case anyone is interested I hung the middle blind from the ceiling and it works fine. They forgot to send the extension brackets for the side windows so I am waiting for those to finish the job. I'll post a photo when done. Thanks again for all of your advice on this.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Feb 16, 2012
    cool...I'm looking forward to the pics
  • Michelle L. Thornton Michelle L. Thornton on Jun 28, 2013
    This is all such great advice. We were told a million different things on hanging blinds on a vinyl window frame, but we got much better advice here. It really all depends on the blind bolts ( that you are using.
  • B.Yerga B.Yerga on Oct 13, 2015
    we inserted a wood beam at the top insde of the vinyl then attached the blinds to it. The beam was made smoth on both sides and cut to fit tightly into the window without nails or causing damage to the vinyl. one inch pine worked well
  • B.Yerga B.Yerga on Jan 20, 2016
    For taller and /or wider windows we added glue that adheres to vinyl on top of the wood beam(MDF 3/4"also good). A good idea for all windows but we only started this with the bigger windows. Various glues at Home Depot. Avoid the least expensive ones
  • B.Yerga B.Yerga on Jan 20, 2016
    We wished we had started adding the glue for all windows to enhance the grip. But our faux wood blinds not very heavy.
  • Loa31220104 Loa31220104 on Mar 18, 2019

    Ok. I just watched YouTube video about windows and the things to look out for when buying especially if you want to install inside mounted blinds. That’s all fine and dandy if you did the buying of the windows. But if you just moved into a house where they just replaced the windows for resale and they are vinyl replacement windows then what do you do. I can’t buy all new windows. They were just replaced. Please please give me a solution to being able to mount inside on these windows