Need to tone down skylight for summer

We recently replaced a skylight shade & mistakenly neglected to choose a darkening shade. We like the extra light, but worry that in the heat of summer it will be unbearable hot, and cause a spike in air conditioning costs. Is there something we can use to apply to the inside of the skylight itself to reflect the sun?
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  • Sharon Cook Sharon Cook on Mar 04, 2016
    two small tension rods and one sheer door panel,, this lets in filtered light and reflects the heat

  • Pat Pat on Mar 04, 2016
    have window film put on. will blook sun but let in light, no shade needed.

  • Sharonhull Sharonhull on Mar 04, 2016
    I used 2 small inexpensive tension rods from the drapery section at Target to suspend a sheer white "curtain" that I made to fit up inside the skylight opening. I take it down in winter when the extra heat and light is welcome.

  • Cindy Thomas Cindy Thomas on Mar 05, 2016
    I'm not sure what kind of sky light you have, but you could check out greenhouse supplies. They have everything from metallic film, shade cloth or white paint that filters in summer, peels off in winter.

  • Paula Paula on Mar 05, 2016
    Window film works great or you can get Gallery Glass Window color. Super easy to apply, just apply with a paint brush. I purchased mine at Michaels.

  • Bobbie Littlefield Bobbie Littlefield on Mar 05, 2016
    You can do a remote controlled (or manual) hanging roman shade....Use a small motor and hide it with decorative trim. The shade can be changed out seasonally

  • JAYBURN JAYBURN on Mar 05, 2016
    Havent done it yet, but have been looking for a product to apply to skylight rather than layer another shade on. This seems to be it. Thanks so much.

  • Leslie Leslie on Mar 05, 2016
    Jayburn, did you go back to where you purchased your shade to see if they would make an exchange ? Tell them what happened I bet they will accommodate you. If they will not take an exchange maybe they could help with something you can attach to the existing shade temporarily? They might have a solution. Good luck.

  • LouiseM LouiseM on Mar 06, 2016
    A big-box hardware store will sell rolls of sun-blocking window film; the one we got was manufactured by Gila. It sticks to the inside of your window and blocks heat/fading sunlight.