Asked on Jul 29, 2015

Putting curtains up in a rental

Samantha Flores
by Samantha Flores
I'm renting an apartment where we cannot drill holes into the wall but I really want to put curtains up for the extra privacy (and because they look nicer than blinds). How would I go about this? It also has these hinges that I assume might be for curtains but I'm not sure how that would work. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Hinge that's in the living room window
Better picture of the hinge
Can't put a tent ion rod here because the blind doesn't give space to have one placed
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  • Irene Irene on Jul 29, 2015
    If it is a newer apartment many times there is medal around the window we can't see as it is part of construction so you could use rods that have magnets
  • MBLori MBLori on Jul 29, 2015
    You have standard curtain rod brackets on the wall. Measure the length between the brackets. Buy the white extendable rods that are bent on their ends. Stores like Target and Walmart carry them. Buy rods that extend a bit longer than your measurement. Then measure their distance from the floor. Buy curtains with rod pockets (the round grommet curtains that are popular right now will not look good with this type of rod). Curtains come in lengths of 63", 84" & 96". Make sure to buy enough to gather properly for the width of your window if you intend to close them. If they are only for decorative purposes (since you also have the blinds) you can get away with one panel on each end. Let us know how they look!
  • Linda Gonzales Linda Gonzales on Jul 29, 2015
    Hi Samantha, I'm assuming you want to put up curtains INSTEAD of blinds? If this is the case you can take the blinds out by flipping (up or down depending on the kind you have) the bracket on either side of the window and sliding the blind forward and out. Then simply put a tension rod or dowel with your desired curtain into that space and close the bracket. I would also rubberband and label the blinds that you take out, so that when you decide to move you can easily put the blinds back in the right spots. If you want to leave the blinds in, you could tie a curtain rod or dowel to the bracket with a pretty ribbon that matched your curtains. Good luck!
  • Scot_belle Scot_belle on Jul 29, 2015
    With the window being trimmed with metal flashing...magnets would work, but ....with REQUIRED blinds in place....I would just get a flat curtain rod that normally would be attached via a bracket and slip 2 bed sheets onto the rod. At the ends there will be the holes that would normally attach to brackets...and with a little wire looped to the blinds this will allow you to have your curtain. I've done this several times...and it works. The wire can be twit ems could use a zip tie. can get pleated light weight drapes and use the standard hooks clipped to the blind headers. Lisa
  • Inetia Inetia on Jul 30, 2015
    If it has a wooden frame you can drive tiny nails down into the top of the wood and use loops of string, or ribbon to hang rods from the nails. The damage is next to none, it's not visible unless you're on a ladder looking on the top of the window frame and once the curtains are on no one will know it's a jury-rig.
  • Deb1472986 Deb1472986 on Jul 30, 2015
    You can use Command hooks on either side and just rest your rod on hooks. They come in different sizes and when you move, just remove the hook and no damage done!
  • Lori Broderick Lori Broderick on Jul 30, 2015
    You can use those peel and stick hangers from 3M that pull away from the wall when you pull the tab. They come in nice design colors now you can use one on each end and use a cable or a rope (nice looking rope) from one end to the other this way the curtain can still slide. You can even embellish the hooks with something crafty if you don't like the look. No drilling required.
  • Linda Thomas Linda Thomas on Jul 30, 2015
    At this point anything is emprovement. Just hang curtains higher than Windows, on the wall. And leave the hooks if you leave the hardware for the next people they will be happy too.
  • Dylanthomasp Dylanthomasp on Jul 30, 2015
    Those things that you are calling hinges are actually the brackets for a basic curtain rod--go to Walmart and look at the curtain rods. Find ones with the same brackets included with the rod. When you put the rod up, you just make sure that the rod is the right size to fit the brackets (they all adjust), then slip the rod over the brackets and make sure it is firmly in place. Of course, you should have the curtains on the rod when you do this, or not--maybe you might want to practice before putting up rods with curtains. To take them off, you just tilt the rod upwards so that it will clear the bracket. Easy peasy
  • Tarana Risinger-Ervin Tarana Risinger-Ervin on Jul 30, 2015
    Just hang the curtain rod. Before you vacate, take it down and fill the holes with spackle (very cheap and easy to find).
  • Meganfowler55 Meganfowler55 on Jul 30, 2015
    dylanthomasp is correct about the brackets being for flat rods usually used for sheer panels . however, it looks like the walls might be plaster, so I would ask the landlord what the walls are made of, then get professional opinion about what type of brackets should be used and how to install them properly. I know from experience that if brackets are not secured properly into dry wall ( i.e. with bolts that have " wings" that spread after insertion), or driving fasteners directly into a wooden support beam whenever possible, they will strip and pull out easily-sometimes breaking chunks of wall along with it.
  • I use "tension rods" from WalMart, they use only tension to hold the rod in place, no hardware!!
  • Karen Karen on Jul 30, 2015
    There is a product called Sugro, a silicone "glue" that is pliable when it comes out of the package, then cures and firms up. It can later be removed from hard surfaces if desired. I use it when it would be too difficult to attach something with screws. For example, I made small "blobs" to stick on a metal fence, then pressed solar downlights into the blob so that the material was forced out of screw holes .. patted those mini-blobs flat and left to harden before I attached the main part of the lights (so their weight didn't pull the whole thing off the fence). Also I never have much success putting curtain rod holders into the area around my sliding doors due to how close the concrete block is to the drywall that tops it. So I am going to do the same thing when I put up my drapery panels in the house I recently moved into. I have also used the flat rods that go on the brackets you've sent photos of, to hand curtains with plastic white rings that I sew onto the top edge of panels. They slide easily and depending on fabric/design chosen, can even add to the look. The rings are in the notions area of fabric stores or departments and are very similar to what's used on the back of Roman shades.
  • Teresa Martin Teresa Martin on Jul 30, 2015
    Get small hooks that screw in. The kind like you would use for a kitchen towel. I would screw it into the wood window trim. Use small rod and light weight curtains. When you move, u can use white toothpaste to fill the small hole
  • MikkiGirl MikkiGirl on Jul 30, 2015
    I use tension rods and place the curtain inside the window frame for many of my windows. I love the look:-)
  • Cherie Cherie on Jul 30, 2015
    What you already have in your wall is the hook on which to put a curtain rod! They've apparently been painted over several times so you may have to scrape off some paint but you should still be able to use them or reinstall new ones. If you look at any store that sells rods, you will see a bunch of white adjustable length ones and they all have "hooks" just like these. Any sales person at the store could explain these to you. You really wouldn't be able to easily fit a tension rod due to having the blinds up (and I would surely keep those in place!). As Susan suggested, you may be able to use Command Hooks but I think you'll find those "hinges" that are already in place will work just fine! By the way, I would show your landlord the first picture as it appears someone else already messed with the wall as there's evidence of an anchor plug being covered by a little plaster and paint! Just to make sure you don't get charged with it when you move!
  • And1280934 And1280934 on Aug 03, 2015
    I have an unusual shaped window and the only thing I could find to remotely look good and fit was an extension rod. They come in many different sizes and expand to what ever size you need. All you do is twist the rod in place and put it where ever you like. The light ones take nets and lightweight curtains but the heavy ones take full length heavy curtains. You'll be spoilt for choice and very easy to put up and remove leaving no marks a all.
  • See823712 See823712 on Aug 10, 2015
    Command hooks can hold rods and be taken down without leaving any marks on the wall.They can be found at Dollar store Wall-Mart almost anywhere.