Window valance- how to DIY?

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  • Dfm Dfm on Dec 23, 2017
    Yup made them before, and have hung a few. Generally you use a 2 rod rod for the valance, one for the curtians/ drapes...the hardware is generally packaged together, but may be bought separately. you can make a valance out of just about anything....placemats, length of fabric swagged.knotted...

  • D fuhrman D fuhrman on Dec 24, 2017
    i have made a lot of these over the years. to begin you want 2.5-3 times the width of your window in material. so let's say your window is 25 inches wide. to have a nice amount of gathering you would need 62-75 inches of material width. now material generally is 44 " wide. so 2 widths would be more than enough. this gets hard to explain but i would buy 1.25 yards( one and a quarter yards)of material. that 1.25 yds is really 45 inches long. if you want them longer buy more. cut the material across length wise, from selvage to selvage so you will end up with 2 pieces that are 44" wide and 22" long. turn the outer edges in and sew them so you have a finished edge. if you want you could attach both pieces so you have one loooong 88" valance. whatever you want is fine. turn the top over about 3" turning under the raw edge first about 1/2 inch so you have a nice, clean edge and sew. next, allowing enough width for your rod to go thru, sew another seam parallel to the one you just sewed. note the amount of material you turned down and sewed and where your seams are placed dictates how much ruffle you will have at the top above your rod. then turn the bottom under about 1/2 inch and again about another inch.i always hand hem the bottom. i hope i did a good job explaining. making them is soooo much better than buying. happy sewing. dawn

  • Julie Julie on Dec 24, 2017
    For a no sew kitchen valance, I use table runners. If I love the pattern, 1 is usually enough for each window. Buy Fabri-tac glue and either blanket binding or double fold bias tape(unfolded and ironed). I like using Fabri-tac instead of hot glue because then I am able to wash and dry the valances.

    Measure valance width and cut blanket binding/bias tape 1 inch wider on each side- so 2 inches wider than valance. Turn under the the extra width and glue down. After it dries, glue the top and bottom edges of binding to the back of valance. Let dry and then insert rod. I like to use tension rods because we live in an old farmhouse with pretty wooden trim around the windows.

  • Judy Judy on Dec 24, 2017
    First of all, I would wait til the first of the yr., for a lower price on material. Secondly, get a pressure curtain rod, and then you can measure the window. Choose some happy, and cheerful colors, to enlighten the room. The colors of this, will really change the moods of others. Then, you can cut the curtains as you please, tho leave room for a hem. I would make the curtain, lets say 36", and then leave a inch for the rod, and then make a ruffle at the top of the rod. This will look, very nice, and then you can also make a valance, if you choose. Best wishes, J. Or, patterns will be on sale also, at that time, for inventory time will be coming and that is the time to really SAVE !!! Have a great time, and in your selection of a nice curtain. J.